iCloud Email Review: How to Create iCloud Email Account

iCloud Email is an account that you can use to send, receive, and organize email. iCloud Email gives users free email accounts of up to 5GB of online storage, that is shared with documents, calendars, and backups. Although, users can purchase additional space for a low monthly fee if the 5 GB is not enough. […]

iPhone Backup Guide To Save Every Single File

iPhone is largely classified as one of the most sophisticated mobile phone available. The iPhone backup option is one of the many reasons why it is seen as so. Mobile phones have become an important component in this era of all things digital. It has phased away a lot of gadgets such as dairies, notes, […]

Stolen iPhone – Vital Actions to take immediately

Before getting angry or sad, here are the top actions to take in case of a stolen iPhone. In recent time the iPhone is built to hold much info than a normal phone. Apple application can link your iPhones to valuable data such as your credit card detail, vital company info and much more. Vital […]

How to Restore iCloud Backup on iOS Device

It is actually easy to restore iCloud backup. I guess if you don’t know then just don’t know, it is that simple. But guess What we are about to make you know how to in just a while. How to Restore an iCloud backup on a New or Reseted iPhone or iPad To restore cloud […]

iCloud Backup | How to Backup iPhone Using iTunes on a Computer

iCloud backup storage is the Apple Inc cloud computing service. It was launched on October 12, 2011. As of February 2016, the service was recorded to have emerged over 800 million users. The storage service is included on every iPhone from the iOS 5 till now.  iCloud backup automatically stores up data on your iPhone […]

iPhone Data Usage: Simple tips to Reduce Data Usage

High iPhone data usage has become a common complain amongst mobile phone users in recent times. To be fair to consumers the pain is well understood because data cost money. Furthermore, data has become essential in today’s living as such it is very annoying watching it go out very rapidly. However, it is an unavoidable […]

Top 5 Free Online File Sharing and Storage website – Best pick for you

Are you looking for a free online file sharing and storage website? This is a golden opportunity for you because this article is about the top 5 free online file sharing and storage website. With the radical improvements in the internet connectivity all over the world presently, free online file sharing and storage website have started […]

icloud window download – How to setup and sign up an account

what is icloud icloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service from the Apple Inc. The service is launch on the 12 of October 2011. In the year 2016, the service has more than 782 million users. The main objective of this service is to help users store photos, videos, documents, music, apps etc. You […]