Google My Business Setup | Startup and Verification Process Guide

Being on Google My Business listing is the first step in a location-based strategy. Most seasoned SEO experts now advice create local SEO contents Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that enables business owners to manage business presence online. This service has been identified to offers the greatest impact in the quest for […]

Google My Business Listing – Optimizing your Google My Business Locations

Google my business list is becoming incredibly important in recent times. It has been identified that search results on google are aimed locally. These actions have prompted Google to create google my list, which involves listing business within a certain location. Users can have a quick result to top business in a specific location based […]

How to turn off the Google Voice Search

Google voice search created by Google Inc is a powerful feature installed on the Android-powered smartphone. Using the google voice search involves speaking to your phone to effect commands such as internet searches, call contacts, take photos, set an alarm, create a calendar event, make a note and much more. Like any other service, a […]

Link Gmail Accounts | Learn How to Link Gmail Accounts Easily

To link Gmail accounts is now becoming a popular trend because a lot of users now have multiple accounts as Gmail is one of the most reliable accounts with over with an incredible one billion active monthly users. Other products of Google are google map, translate, Gboards and much more. The trick is that google connects […]

Google Translate: How to Use Google Translate on Android

Google Translate is an application that is developed to translate between Languages.  It is a multilingual translation service developed by Google. How to Translate Texts While Offline on Google Translate Google Translate is an Internet-based translation platform which uses a huge database to translate between languages. moreover, on Android devices, it is possible to get […]

How to Install Google Chrome Extension Manually

I am sure it will be surprised to know that google chrome extension can be installed manually. But it is true, it is possible you have just being made to believe otherwise. That Google Chrome extensions can only be installed only via the Chrome Web Store. However alternative installation path to the google chrome extension […]

How to Disable Google Chrome Extension and Plugin

It takes a few steps to disable google chrome Google Chrome Extension and plugins. Some example of plugins includes Adobe Flash Player, Java, QuickTime Player, Microsoft Silver-light. While Google extensions examples include colorzilla, Grammarly and more. The popularity of Google has attracted developers of malicious programs aimed to cause harm. Difference between Google Chrome Plugins and […]

Reverse Image Search: A method to finding the Origin of an Image

Reverse image search is simply a method of finding the origin of a picture. So you get to see one of your image on the Internet and wondering how it got ? or probably you see this cool picture on the Internet and you want more of it. Tech has now made it possible with reverse […]