How to Translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English Easily

Google translate has really closened the gap in highly diverse world languages. With google translate you are empowered to translate English to Spanish and vice versa easily. You can also do the same for a whole bunch of Language. Spanish is the official language in the highly attractive country of Spain. It attracts tourist, businessmen, […]

Translate English To Chinese or Chinese To English

Google is your best bet to translate English into Chinese easily.  Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn not just the characters but even simplified Chinese can hardly be pronounced correctly for those with English as the preferred language. Hence there is really a hand full of translator apps or websites that […]

Top Translation Apps That You Need When Travelling

Travelling out of your country always attract the fear of a change of language. In recent times translation apps are helping a lot out in coping effectively. Although there are have been websites where you can translate languages for a while now. However the advent of all things mobile has further skyrocketed the usage of […]

How to translate English To French or French or English

I have always been fascinated with french about how french elegant it sounds. Like me, you can use google translate English to french to begin your learning process. I speak English fluently but with google translate, now I can speak basics in french. My french speaking friends are very amazed at how I am able […]

Google Translate: How to Use Google Translate on Android

Google Translate is an application that is developed to translate between Languages.  It is a multilingual translation service developed by Google. How to Translate Texts While Offline on Google Translate Google Translate is an Internet-based translation platform which uses a huge database to translate between languages. moreover, on Android devices, it is possible to get […]