Top 4 Best Free Email Service You Can Use

Today we are talking on the Best Free Email Service one can use. However, there are tons of free email account out there, but we are picking the best out of all based on users review and Features. Kindly follow up with this article to get the best free email account you can use. Just […]

Google Takeout: An Easy Way to Backup Google Account

Google takeout is a service that allows users of Google products to back up their files easily. It offers offline download options. so users can download the entire files in Gmail, YouTube. The feature uses the archive file to effectively determine and retrieve data that is stored on your Google platforms. So if the internet […]

Create a Group Email in Gmail Following these Steps

To Create a Group Email in Gmail is a unique way of grouping your email contacts based on common criteria or keyword. You could email multiple people easily and quickly without the stress of typing a huge pile of email addresses.   Steps to Create a Group Email in Gmail Below are the steps to […]

How to Unsubscribe Emails and Block Emails on Gmail

There are sometimes where you get tired of emails and newsletters from a website. Unsubscribe email or block are the immediate solutions to stop receiving emails from the website. It can be really harassing when you feel overly bombarded with email from a particular website or person several times a week and sometimes a day. […]

Link Gmail Accounts | Learn How to Link Gmail Accounts Easily

To link Gmail accounts is now becoming a popular trend because a lot of users now have multiple accounts as Gmail is one of the most reliable accounts with over with an incredible one billion active monthly users. Other products of Google are google map, translate, Gboards and much more. The trick is that google connects […]

How to Block Emails in a Gmail Account

So you just keep getting tons of emails you are no more interested in. Block emails or block sender’s email is actually the way out. Personally, have registered for a lot of job site and there seem to be tons of emails flowing into box daily. Or somehow you made it to the email listing […]

Gmail spam report on laptop, iOS and andriod

Gmail spam report, Spam messages can quickly get out of hands in your gmail inbox. Gmail spam report is an easy way of making sure Spam mails never get to you inbox. Spams accounts for thousand of messages crowding you inbox that create difficulty in looking for important mails. Spam email is a form of commercial […]

Gmail Auto Reply: How to set up an Auto Reply Email for Gmail

Gmail Auto Reply: Going on some adventure or vacation to the end of the or perhaps you do not need disturbance, Gmail auto-reply email has you covered. You can set up an auto-reply email while you are away to notify your contacts that you are away. Immediately they mail you they get one of yours right […]