Delete Facebook Page With The Following Steps

A Facebook account has the ability to host several facebook pages. To delete facebook page is quite easy to follow these simple steps. I think this is especially useful when a user has a Facebook page that has been dormant for a long time with no intention of continuing with the page. Deleting it allows […]

Facebook Contest Setup Guide and Rules

A Facebook Contest is an interesting build like on Facebook pages as well. It is used to attract facebook users to your leads. It involves convincing them with a prize. There are various types of  Facebook content depending on your choice. The facebook contest ranges from simple basic draw to creation of video contests. A […]

Find Singles on Facebook with this Simple Guide – Facebook launched a new Dating Service

There is no level ground to find love. Finding Singles on Facebook has been one of the best starts to beautiful relationships out there. In spite of the criticism of the idea, most have grown to appreciate the changes technology offers social life. Facebook about advert however the other thing they are good at is making […]

How to Logout of Facebook App and Messenger

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to log out of Facebook. Also embarrassing to ask how to logout of Facebook from someone. That’s why on this post we would love to take you through various logout steps on various facebook platforms. How to Logout of Facebook Website. Follow these steps to logout of […]

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode for Android and iPhone – Howto Activate Dark Mode

Recently, Facebook added some new features to its Messenger app. One of these features is how to Activate Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger. Do you know that you can now activate dark mode in Facebook Messenger? Are you wondering if it’s possible? Yes, it is very possible, all you have to do is to ensure […]

How to Connect Pinterest to Facebook – Pinterest Facebook

Do you know that you can now connect Pinterest to Facebook? Have you heard about Pinterest Facebook? Pinterest Facebook enables users to connect their Pinterest account with their Facebook account. Let’s Discuss what Pinterest is and what Facebook is. Before I will enlighten you on how to connect Pinterest to Facebook. What is Pinterest Pinterest […]

Facebook Marketplace Android – How to/Fix for Facebook Marketplace Android

Mikiguru teaches you how to browse the items sold on Facebook Marketplace and post to sell an item of your own, using Android. How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Android Open the Facebook app on your Android. Click the store icon at the top. … Click Categories at the top. … Select a category to […]