Messenger for Facebook Download – How to Download FB Messenger

Messenger for Facebook Download. Do you know or have you heard of the messenger Facebook app? If not, then you are just on the right platform. Facebook Messenger is not a new thing as many of us know about it. Simply put the Facebook messenger is an app, a free mobile messaging app to be […]

How to Unblock and block Someone on Facebook

Learn how to Unblock and block Someone on Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can chat, send pictures, videos, share memories, thoughts, and articles with your colleagues and families. Aside from all the goodies that Facebook allows you to do on its platform, there are still other things you can do on the Facebook […]

Facebook to ban the phrase “stop the steal”

Facebook is a social media platform where you get to interact with your families and friends online. Aside from the fact that you get to interact with your friends online. You also get to interact with your colleagues, business partners, and clients. In all, the platform is used for so many purposes. Now, Facebook is […]

Facebook Dating App Download Free for Singles – Create my Facebook Dating Profile 2021

Facebook Dating: If you single, divorced and you are searching for how you can easily connect and meet up with singles, and find a partner, then you can never go wrong with Facebook dating. What does Facebook dating do? Facebook dating is not an app. It is a section on the Facebook mobile app that […]

Facebook Business Tools – Free Facebook Business Tools

Facebook business tools are tools used to advertise products or businesses on Facebook. You must use some of the Facebook business tools to advertise your products or businesses efficiently on Facebook. Aside from all that Facebook allows us to do on its platforms. Do you know you can equally create a business and advertise them […]

How to delete multiple Photos on Facebook mobile uploads

Facebook is a free online social media platform that allows people to connect. This site enables people to share different types of pictures, video, and messages  It can also be used to promote your business. This platform has many features. The founder of the website is Mark  Zuckerberg and the platform was launch in 2004. […]

Facebook Dating App for Singles – Facebook Dating App Free | Facebook Dating app 2020

The Facebook Dating App for Singles has become the topic of discussions on so many sites and forums There is too much to talk about when it comes to dating online or Facebook dating apps. What does the Facebook Dating App for Singles mean? This simply means that the Facebook dating app is also meant […]

Facebook to place groups on probation for going against its content rules

Facebook to place groups on probation for going against its content rules. Facebook has made plans to place groups on its platform with too many posts on probation. Specifically, the one that goes against its content rules. This was another way to stop the dissemination of false information on its platform. According to the reports […]

Facebook and TikTok blocked hashtags used to disseminate election conspiracy theories

Facebook and TikTok have prevented hashtags that were used to disseminate misinformation as well as conspiracy concerning the US election. The hashtags were mainly concerned with baseless claims that the Democrats are making plans to rig the election to conquer President Donald Trump. On the social media platform Facebook, the hashtags that were blocked includes: […]

Facebook to announce the US presidential election result in Facebook and Instagram notifications

Facebook to announce the US presidential election result in Facebook and Instagram notifications. Facebook is making plans to place the name of the winner of the US election 2020 at the top of its platform. And also on Instagram as soon as it is projected by most of the media outlets, the company mentions. The […]