Dating Account in Facebook App Download Free for Singles: FACEBOOK DATING APP DOWNLOAD FREE FOR SINGLES

Dating with Facebook Dating App Download Free, is more like start dating on Facebook for free. Facebook Dating App: If you are new on Facebook or have come across the app, you actually just got started and I would say you have probably missed out. Nonetheless, you still have a lot to enjoy from the […]

Facebook Avatar – CREATE MY AVATAR ON FACEBOOK – Facebook Avatar 2020 Link

There is no doubt that the new Facebook Avatar is now trending all over the Facebook platform. Users on Facebook cant stay a day or even some seconds without having to create countless avatars of themselves. And guess what? Yes, the avatar feature is not restricted to other social media platforms. That means you can […]

Facebook Avatar App – CREATE MY AVATAR ON FACEBOOK AVATAR – Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar: Facebook Avatar is a stunning and mouth-watering feature that allows you to create and customize wonderful Avatars. The Avatar feature is not limited to other social media platforms. That is, when you create an Avatar on Facebook, you can use those Avatars on other social platforms.  Facebook Avatar Creator – How to […]

Facebook pilot program linking its users’ news subscriptions could cut down on password fatigue

Facebook says it is now trying out a new feature that will assist in minimizing how long you get to log in to news sites. Thereby enabling paying news subscribers to connect their Facebook accounts to their subscriptions. According to the social media company, the primary goal is to “provide a better news consumption experience […]

Download Videos on Facebook: How to Download Video on FB

How to Download Videos on Facebook: Facebook, as we all know is a social media website and a platform where users find it very easy to communicate with their friends and their loved ones. Not only chatting or sending messages, but users can also upload and send pictures, videos, and the rest on the Facebook […]

How to Change Facebook Password

Changing a Facebook password is very easy. All you need to do is to make sure you understand the basic steps. People change their password on Facebook for so many reasons. You might change your password on Facebook simply because you forgot your old password. You can also change your password on Facebook if you […]

How to Prevent Facebook’s iOS bug from Crashing Pinterest, Tinder, and other Apps

How to Prevent Facebook’s iOS bug from crashing Pinterest, Tinder, and other Apps. Facebook is a social media platform where you can interact with your friends, families, and loved ones and also your business partners. With Facebook, you can also reach out to people within you and also people outside your country. This app was […]

Facebook Bans Roger Stone from Instagram after Linking him to Fake Accounts

Facebook Bans Roger Stone:  Facebook released a new report. In the report, the company made it clear to the general public that it had closed pages and a network account. The network account is connected to Roger Stone and Proud Boys. Roger Stone is a confidant and a friend of Donald Trump.   The company […]

Facebook Ad Boycott Organizers Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t go Well

Facebook Ad Boycott Organizers Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t go Well:  Civil Rights as well as the activist groups were not pleased with Facebook’s leadership after a meeting. The meeting was held on Tuesday with Facebook’s CEO (Mark Zuckerberg).   And also, some executives in order to talk about the demands of a bigger and […]

Facebook Ads: Complete Guide on how to Create Facebook Ads

Here, we will be discussing Facebook ads and how you can create them. But before Facebook Ads, what is Facebook?Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and was founded in February, in the year 2004. It is a social networking app that allows for very easy and fast connections and interactions with family and friends and […]