How do i Create Facebook Business Page?

Have you been having issues with creating a Facebook Business Page? If yes, do not worry because you have come to the right platform. Here, I would be showing you basic steps on how you can create a Facebook Business Page without having to stress yourself again. But before I dive into that, I would […]

Delete Facebook Page With The Following Steps

A Facebook account has the ability to host several facebook pages. To delete facebook page is quite easy to follow these simple steps. I think this is especially useful when a user has a Facebook page that has been dormant for a long time with no intention of continuing with the page. Deleting it allows […]

Facebook Contest Setup Guide and Rules

A Facebook Contest is an interesting build like on Facebook pages as well. It is used to attract facebook users to your leads. It involves convincing them with a prize. There are various types of  Facebook content depending on your choice. The facebook contest ranges from simple basic draw to creation of video contests. A […]

Facebook Page – How to Sell Items On Facebook Page

After creating a Facebook Page, the next thing is to know how you can sell items on Facebook Page. Facebook has made things easier and stressless for its users by creating a special feature that allows users to sell items on Facebook. Selling an item on Facebook is one of the trending and latest service […]

Page Roles | How to Manage Facebook Page Roles – Make Someone Admin

Facebook Page: The grand Idea of information technology and website has always been to automate and replicate our everyday life, it is also on this idea that facebook page and its features such as the facebook page roles, add friends, tags etc are built. Companies gives roles and roles and responsibilities to employees in the […]

Facebook Ad for Local Business to Customers – Facebook ads

Facebook ad / Facebook Ads is now very important in recent times with an incredible 2.2 billion registered users. In brief of the estimated 7.7 billion people in the world, over a quarter of them are registered on Facebook. Therefore Facebook has their address, names, occupation, school records etc. Just normal stuffs you fill when […]