Best Gadget To Make Social Distancing Easier

Let’s talk about Best Gadget To Make Social Distancing Easier. Respecting the lockdown and obeying the social distancing law from the government and health care centers are what we should do as a good citizen. However, if you do not have a lot of people around you or pet things might get very frustrating in […]

Coronavirus: How to protect yourself from this virus.

Let’s talk about How to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Many infected people experience mild sickness and they later recover, but it is not like that for everyone, for others, it can be more severe. You have to take care of your health and protect yourself and others by doing the following things Coronavirus: How to […]

Latest Update on Covid 19 also known as Cornavirus

The death toll increases all over the world, with a total number of 37,091 and 775,540. Today in Italy the death toll from the COVID 19 virus rose by 812 to 11,591. Italy still has over 100,000 affected people with 4,050 new cases reported. While in Spain over 800 death was recorded in the last […]

How To Clean Your Phone To Get Rid COVID 19

In this article, I would be showing you how you can easily clean your phone to get rid of Coronavirus. But before I dive into that, let me brief you on what the COVID-19 is all about. Coronavirus is an infectious disease, which causes different illnesses in humans. This outbreak is believed to have all […]

Coronavirus: What I should do if I notice Symptoms,Prevention.

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus also called “Covid-19” is a very deadly virus that causes diseases in Animals. It is a dangerous virus that causes a severe illness that could even lead to death. The virus and seven others have been contacted by humans but most symptoms are cold-like. This outbreak was first recorded in Wuhan, […]