Browser History: How To Clear Your Chrome Browsing History

It is important to clear your browser history regularly. Especially if your PC is accessible.  You can delete all or some browser history. On this post, we will go through various ways of clearing out the chrome browser history. How To Access Chrome History Below are the steps to delete browser history. Launch the Chrome […]

Use Chrome Emulator to Assess Responsive Web Design

Web browsers are constantly evolving with the ever-evolving Web trends One of the notable innovation is the chrome emulator. it is a test tool introduced in google chrome. It enables web developer test web view across screens of various sizes. Because of the increasing traffic of mobile viewership of sites is no longer news or […]

How to Disable Google Chrome Extension and Plugin

It takes a few steps to disable google chrome Google Chrome Extension and plugins. Some example of plugins includes Adobe Flash Player, Java, QuickTime Player, Microsoft Silver-light. While Google extensions examples include colorzilla, Grammarly and more. The popularity of Google has attracted developers of malicious programs aimed to cause harm. Difference between Google Chrome Plugins and […]

How to Selectively Delete Browser History Without Clearing Whole History

While having a record of pages you have visited isn’t really a bad idea. You would sometimes want to keep some pages private or away from a friend. These tips are useful if you don’t want to clear your whole history. However, this will save you the hassle of clearing your whole history and then trying […]

Google Chromecast – How It Works and Setup Guide

Google Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to stream videos right to your TV or other related devices. When it is plugged into your TV, it grants access to multiple streaming services from Google Play, Netflix, and even YouTube. Contents can even be streamed from a Chrome browser to TVs. Chromecast Review This is […]