Facebook reinvents Facebook with the release of Campus for college students

Facebook reinvents Facebook with the release of Campus for college students. The company is going back to its origin with the release of a current product named the Campus. The Campus is a part of the major app which was particularly created and designed for college students. The new product is created to be a […]

Facebook is paying people to close down their accounts ahead of election

Facebook, as we all know is a social media company, platform, site, website, whichever one you call. Well, it is a social media website where users get to interact, communicate, with friends and families. With people they know and even people, they do not know. The social media platform allows you to send messages, share […]

Facebook pilot program linking its users’ news subscriptions could cut down on password fatigue

Facebook says it is now trying out a new feature that will assist in minimizing how long you get to log in to news sites. Thereby enabling paying news subscribers to connect their Facebook accounts to their subscriptions. According to the social media company, the primary goal is to “provide a better news consumption experience […]

Facebook plans on expanding its new tab beyond the US

Facebook is making plans to expand its devoted section. And it says it is “considering” the UK, India, Brazil, France, and Germany as possible recipients, it announced on Tuesday. The timeline of the company is so unclear and confusing: “within the next six months to a year”. So, it’s so weird why Facebook would declare […]

Facebook releases Facebook Gaming without games on iOS

Facebook is working together with Microsoft in criticizing Apple’s App Store policies today. The social media company is as well releasing it’s Facebook Gaming app for iOS. The  Gaming app is an app that is used in watching streamers play video games. However, it removed the app’s mini-games feature to pass the strict App Store […]

Facebook Messenger now allows you to share your screen on Mobile devices

Facebook created Facebook Messenger. It is a social networking application that allows for easy access and communication with friends and families as well as business partners. The app also enables you to interact with people within and outside your country. The Facebook mobile app is not only for chats and communication, business personnel can also […]

Facebook Messenger Room | How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

What is a Facebook Messenger Room? Before that, let’s discuss the Facebook Mobile App. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his colleagues at Harvard University in the year 2004. This app is used by so many people. It is a website where users get to communicate with other people, including people they […]

Facebook Avatar 2020 | How to Create Facebook Avatar Emoji | Facebook New Features

Have you heard about Facebook New Features called Facebook Avatar 2020? If yes, you will learn how to create your own personal avatar in this article and if no follow up with this article to learn about the amazing Facebook New features. But before we begin you must have a Facebook account and your Facebook […]