Simple Guide To Reset Apple Watch

Like phone apple watches develop faults and the first thing that comes to mind is how to do a reset apple watch. Resing a device works for real. Because it gives the device an opportunity to reinstall startup programs as well as correct all outstanding errors. You could say I can just switch off and […]

Apple Watch Series 5 Features, Pre-Order Dates

Looking away from the iPhone 11, pro, and pro max is the Apple watch series 5. It is another device released in the same event on September 10. Apple’s Watch Series 5 has now been made available to pre-order online starting on 10 September. At the end of Apple’s presentation, it was made known that […]

Apple Watch Battery Tips To Prolong Your Battery Life

The apple watch battery is a major user complain. In spite of the Apple guaranteeing customers of an 18 hours battery life, it is proving difficult to manage. Most of the battery life issues boil down to usability and settings issues. As such users can improve their Apple battery life with the following tips. Apple […]

How To Fix Your Apple Watch Step Counter

Your Apple Watch has the ability to do a ton of amazing things including step tracking. But, is your Apple Watch Step Counter not working? Although frustrating, there are quite a few potential solutions to this problem that can get you back on track. Steps To Fix Apple Watch Step Counter Not Working These issues […]

Apple watch Set up Guide for Old and New Apple Watch

There two kinds of apple watch set up (we’ll cover both). They both involve pairing the watch with an iPhone either As a new watch or restoring Apple Watch backup. How to Set Up Your Apple Watch Follow these steps to successfully complete setup Apple Watch and pair to iPhone. Start by Turning on the […]

Apple Pay on Apple Watch – How to use it to Pay Cash

Apple pay on Apple watch is the most comfortable Apple Pay in stores and payment outlets that accept the feature.  The apple pay allows users to make payment with a few taps your phone. The same functionality is adopted on the watch but a convenient approach. Mirror Apple Pay On Your Watch Below are the […]