iPhone Data Usage: Simple tips to Reduce Data Usage

High iPhone data usage has become a common complain amongst mobile phone users in recent times. To be fair to consumers the pain is well understood because data cost money. Furthermore, data has become essential in today’s living as such it is very annoying watching it go out very rapidly. However, it is an unavoidable […]

iPhone not Charging | What to do if your iPhone is not Charging

If your iPhone is not charging, there are simple steps that can be tried before changing the port entirely. Sometimes battery won’t charge or takes time to charge. Learn what to do. Firstly, for an expensive piece such as the iPhone, extreme handing care should be taken.  Make sure to safeguard your accessories properly and […]

Apple Repair: How to Check iPhone Repair Status Online

Apple repair is Apple. Inc support program where users can submit  Apple product for repair. As a company that keeps its products close, Apple is interested in taking charge of its products even after sales. You can submit your phone for Apple repair in the Apple service center and check the status of your device remotely. Apple has always […]