Emoji keyboard | Top Six Emoji keyboard for Android

Emoji is a word of Japanese origin meaning character. First discovered in Japan hence, the name.  It is funny how emoji keyboard almost two decades down the line it now plays an intricate role in chatting and mobile communications in general. Invented in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita inspired by manga art and Kanji characters to attract […]

Apple Music: Learn more about Apple Music Family Share

Apple Music share is a feature on the apple music player that allows you to share music with friends and family.The process is really simple with just a few taps. However, there is an apple music subscription plan that allows  share for up to six user charged under a single payment. So you can either apple […]

Mobdro app – best free stream app for android, Samsung phone

Mobdro is a video streaming app that helps users to search for a new and free video stream. The application is one of the best entertainment apps that are able to pick an demand live channels free. It comes with so many live channels like CNN, HBO, Cartoon network, Sports channels and much more. You […]