Standard bank credit card Online application


Standard bank credit card is a mobile card that is issued to the customers of the standard bank. Before we start with the credit card updates, we have to know about the bank itself. The standard Bank is a South African bank that offers services like Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Exchange, Insurance, and Wealth Management. This bank is one of the biggest and leading banks in the whole of South Africa.

Standard Bank of South Africa is the biggest African lender and it operates in over 20 countries across Africa. This bank also offers their customers banking services which include Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, and Investment Management. You can click HERE to read more on this amazing bank. In this article, you will be enlightened more on the types of credit cards offered by the bank and how to apply for standard bank credit card online.

Features of Standard bank credit card

  • The card makes your banking transaction convenient for you. Because you can use the credit card anywhere and anytime. All that you will do is just to click ‘pay’ wherever there is MasterCard.
  • The standard bank credit card allows users to shop online with world-class security features. The bank provides an effective security system for their credit cards. It makes the customers feel more confident in their bank.
  • Another feature of the standard bank credit card is that users receive UCount Rewards whenever they make payment by card. Users also receive rewards when you spend using their standard bank credit bank.

Types of standard bank credit card

  • Platinum credit card: This is one of the best and unique credit cards offered by the standard bank. Users of this card can connect this card with their private banking experience. The platinum credit card can receive the minimum amount of R58,000 and the credit limit for this card is R250,000. The monthly fee for the platinum card is just r80.70, so quickly get your card now to enjoy the benefits.
  • Gold credit card: The Gold credit card is packaged with everyday reward. The monthly fee for this card is R50.44 and the minimum monthly income is R5000. The credit limit is 100,000 and the interest rate is personalized.

  • Titanium credit card: This is also one of the best credit cards, its monthly fee is R65.57, the min monthly income is R5,000 and the credit limit for the card is R150,000.
  • World citizen credit card: This card is used as a passport to a new experience to anywhere you wish to go. The monthly fee is R252.19, and the credit limit is R250,000. The advantage of this card is more than other cards, quickly get yours now to tour the world with your card.

How to apply for the Standard bank credit card

  • Start your web browser and visit the official platform for the application of standard credit card. You can also click HERE to visit the official platform.
  • On that official website enter the necessary details needed.
  • Ensure you follow the guide on the platform to complete the process.
  • After completing the application, you can now go and get your card at any branch.