Spotify Premium vs Spotify Free, Login, Cost, Packages

Spotify Premium. Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you instant access to its wide online library filled with music and podcasts. Thereby enabling you to listen to any content of your choice at any time. In all, Spotify is legal and very easy to use.

On Spotify, you will get to see millions of songs from different genres and artists as well. Right from obscure indie rock, to top 40 pop, to movie soundtracks and classical music too.

Spotify Premium

The service has also got a complex algorithm to recommend music based on your listening history. And curated playlists and international radio stations as well.

In all, you can actually make use of Spotify for free. The Spotify service has got a paid subscription plan though, however you can as well enjoy an ad-supported version of the platform for free without having to spend a dime.

Spotify Premium – Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium. You really should understand the difference between the Spotify free and the paid plan as they are not the same. Of course, there advantages and disadvantages.

Spotify Free

Spotify free is the basic and ad-supported version of Spotify. Which means it is totally free. Spotify free gives you unlimited access to the full catalog of music and podcasts.

However, it comes with some drawbacks. That is already a disadvantage. And the fact that it supports ads also makes it a disadvantage.

We all know how ads can be frustrating especially when you are trying to stream your favorite or you are just doing something on the platform.

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Also, the audio quality of the Spotify free is slightly lower at 160kbit/s.

Spotify Premium

Subscribing to the paid plan is the best way you can get rid of those disturbing ads. Why because ut is ads-free.

However, there are so many more to premium, which is the paid version of the service. And that is why it is worth going for.

What is included in the premium?

The paid version of Spotify has all these included in it:

  • Unlimited skips.
  • Downloading music.
  • Unlimited streaming.
  • Ability to cancel at any time.
  • An ad-supported Hulu subscription.
  • Better audio quality.
  • No advertisement. And this will surely enable you to stream music without any stress.

The Service Cost

This package costs $9.99 per month in 2019, while the student membership costs $4.99.

Also, the standard package has an ad-supported subscription to video streaming service Hulu. Whereas, the student subscription includes the subscriptions to both Hulu and fellow streaming service Showtime.

The Spotify premium is on par with competitors, just like Apple Music. Apple Music also charges $9.99 monthly for a subscription.

Before, the Spotify Premium subscription was priced at $12.99 monthly. However, the service of recent adjusted to offer the package for around $10 monthly for the new subscribers though.

Spotify Premium Family

The Spotify Premium family allows up to 5 members of the same household to own personal Premium accounts at a very discounted price of $29.99 monthly for all five members. Interesting right?

This package plan costs $14.99 for two users monthly, $19.99 for three users, and $24.99 for four users monthly. How nice!

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Spotify Premium for Students

Yes! This service also has a package for students. And this package also has an ad-supported Hulu subscription too and an unlimited Showtime streaming subscription. All of them for $4.99 monthly.

Spotify Premium Login

To log in to this service, follow the steps below:

  • Visit “”.
  • Now that you are on the page, click on “Login” at the top right side of the page.
  • On the next page displayed, choose the options you would like to log in with.
  • Enter your password, then click on “LOG IN”.

Sign Up to the Service

However, if you have not signed up before:

  • Visit “”.
  • Now that you are on the page, click on “Sign up” at the top right side of the page.
  • On the next page displayed, you can either sign up with your Facebook account or fill in the boxes below.
  • Once you are done, click on “Sign up”.

For more information about the service and how to get each of the service packages, you can still visit the website “”.

There you will be provided with everything you need to know about the premium and also how you can get it.