Soundcity music – The soundcity tv Global countdown

What is Soundcity Tv

Soundcity Tv is a lifestyle and music channel. The Soundcity Tv operates for 24 hours and it is located in lagos, from Consolidated Media Associates Limited.

The Television broadcast is a popular music tv station that has its popularity in live performances, music videos, conducts news, and interviews with popular artists, airing and supporting international & regional concerts.

The Tv broadcast also plays a vital role in cultural exchange because it does not focus on only one cultural. It focuses on both international music and local music. The soundcity was launch on DSTV in the year 2009 and it airs mostly on popular artists. You also have access to know more on their official portal or simply click HERE to know more about this unique and amazing platform.

The platform is a music lifestyle entertainment brand that has the vision of securing the constant growth of Nigerian. Although the vision applies to African entertainment industry and soundcity have the aim of portraying urban contemporary music to all over the world.  The brand also wants to have some identifiable bias for local music all over the universe.

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 What is Soundcity Music

Soundcity also has a platform for music entertainment. The platform provides different categories and tons of music for their users. On this platform, users can download thousands of new music, music videos and lots more. Are you looking for a platform where you can get thousands of music then soundcity is the best for you? All you have to do is,  just visit their official platform to enjoy more of their service. Click HERE to visit their official portal because there is more service to be enjoyed on the platform.

Soundcity Radio

The soundcity Radio is a platform where users listen to series of music through their radio channel. There are lots of music that soundcity air online for their users. The platform provides international and local music for their customers. Although the site has two different radio channel, one for lagos and the one for Abuja. You can click HERE to listen to the lagos channel this is for the residents of lagos. Click HERE to listen to the Abuja channel.

Soundcity Global countdown

It is a global ranking of all kinds of music according to their specialization. This forum is arranged by the music committee of the website. There are different countries countdown some are ranging from top 10 while some are top 20. On the platform, you can get the countdown of USA top ten, Ghana top ten, South Africa top ten and Nigeria top ten. Quickly visit the official site to know the top 10 countdowns for this week or simply click HERE. This serves as a competition among artists and the winner is given an award.

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Soundcity tv contact info

The platform provides a reliable representative for the users. This is mainly to help users to solve any issue they have or when a user wants to contribute to the tv show. You can contact an agent on this telephone number 08035652586 or visit their official website to do that.