Sony's Wearable Air Conditioner

Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner is Finally Launched : It will Make Weather Less Suffocating for You


Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner will Make the Weather Less Suffocating for You: Sony’s wearable individual air conditioner has been launched already. This will help you reduce sweltering each time you go out on a sunny day.

Sony's Wearable Air Conditioner
Sony’s wearable air conditioner was built and designed as a part of its start-up acceleration program. The device is now funded on its crowdfunding site. That is, to the public very soon.

Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner

The wearable air conditioner works together with a t-shirt. This t-shirt put up the device in the middle of your back, just underneath your neck.

The Sony Reon Pocket makes use of the Peltier effect to work as a heat pump which helps to cool the weather’s body temperature up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit during hot weather.

The side of the Reon Pocket which leans against the back of the person wearing it keeps you cool. Thereby, reducing heat through a small fan which blows out warm air away from your body.

Making use of a companion mobile app for Android devices and iOS devices you can manually adjust the Reon Pocket.

You can as well set it up to an automatic mode. Which makes use of motion sensors and temperature to check what the wearer is doing at that moment.


To also check how the wearer is feeling. It will then adjust the cooling mode, so as to make sure that they feel very much comfortable.

The wearable air conditioner can as well be used during cold winter months working in reverse. In order to increase the body temperature of the wearer as high as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, the Reon Pocket isn’t all the solution no matter the weather condition.

The internal battery of the device can only give you close to two hours or four hours of comfort. Though, depending on how hard the device needs to work and you will need to wait for up to two hours again before wearing the device again.

What brought about the making of the Reon Pocket

The Reon Pocket can as well be used as a heater. It was originally meant for the Tokyo workers. It was created two years back when the Tokyo workers mentioned that they would be needing a device that would keep them cool in their work suits.

Sony promised two versions of the Reon Pocket

Last summer, Sony promised he would release two versions of the Reon Pocket if it eventually becomes available. Sony said he would release a Standard version of the Reon Pocket featuring all the extra automated bells as well as whistles through the aid of an accompanying mobile application.

And a Lite version that can also be controlled manually. One year later, it looks as if only the elaborate version of the device trended in the market.

The price of Sony’s wearable Air Conditioner


The device is available on Sony’s online store at the rate of about $120 or lesser. Or the Amazon Japan, where the price is close to $160. And the t-shirt holders sold for $20 each.