Snapchat now allows creators to show off their subscriber counts


Snapchat is now giving creators the opportunity to publicize the number of subscribers they have got. This is actually the first time that Snapchat will be giving it’s users any type of public-facing metric concerning their audiences and followings.


Also, it stands for an essential change to the platform, as initially reported by Tubefilter. In an announcement to The Verge, a spokesperson of The Verge mentioned:

“We’ve listened to feedback from our creator community and many of them expressed interest in having the option to show that their community on Snapchat is growing”. And that is the reason it is allowing the counts of subscribers visible and clear. Now, creators can choose to turn on or turn off this feature just from their settings.

Snapchat created creator profiles

In September, Snapchat launched the creator profiles, which gives more perception to users on the platform on their audience. And as well assist them to interrelate with brands. The fact that Snapchat mentions that its creator wanted to display its growing community with the counts of public subscribers.


Indicates that they really want a public-facing metric to show how fortunate they really are for brands.

For instance, on Instagram, so many brands often look at the counts of followers as well as the engagement rates to indicate how large a creator is on the social media platform.

Brands on Snapchat

On Snapchat, brands would have had to call on creators to distribute those details before having to commit to any deal. Thereby allowing metrics public streamlines that discussion and assist creators. As well as brands, know if a deal might work out between them.

This could later result in Snapchat is a platform that is completely more creator-friendly where a lot of influencers see a look-in for business.

Like I said earlier, not everyone is opportune to the subscriber count. Also, you must be an established creator that has a public profile.

Snapchat’s users have increased

Of recent, Snapchat witnessed the daily active user of its platform move from 238 million in the last quarter to 249 million. As the company recorded an increase of 52 percent in revenue at $679 million just in its last quarter.


The stock of its parent company grew 17.1 percent just after the results of the bumper quarter. Operating cash flow progressed by $21 million to $55 million in the 3rd quarter compared to the previous years.