Snapchat launches in-app TikTok competitor known as “Spotlight”


Snapchat launches an in-app TikTok competitor known as “Spotlight”.Snapchat is now fully prepared to compete with TikTok by launching an in-app in its app known as Spotlight of which it will pay creators to post on its platform.

The Spotlight will surface users’ vertical video content that is more like meme and jokey rather than the regular snap that was formerly encouraged. Just imagine TikTok in Snapchat.


To lure people into posting snaps regularly, Snapchat mentions that it will distribute close to $1 million between the well-known popular creators per day on its app through the end of 2020. This simply means that if a person has a viral video, he or she might earn a large part of the $1 million.

Regardless of if such a person has a huge number of subscribers, the amount people get is mainly based on great views compared to the rest of the snaps that particular day. Users can still keep earning from their video if it is well known for multiple days at a time.

Snapchat launches in-app TikTok competitor known as “Spotlight”

Spotlight, which will now get its own space in the app, will be released in 11 countries. Not excluding the UK, Germany, the US, France, as well as Australia. The videos you will find in the section can be about 60 seconds long, and as of now, cannot be watermarked.

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This literally means that people cannot just download their own or other people’s viral TikTok and post them to Snapchat.


Once you access the Spotlight in Snapchat, you will be displayed with snaps that are well programmed to what the algorithm of Snapchat thinks you might love. It places this decision on what you have seen in the past mostly as well as how long you have watched it.

Anybody can drop a snap. All they need to do is to click on “Spotlight” when they are about to post it. This is to make sure it circulates the section.

However, the format will not be so strange to anybody who has ever viewed TikTok. Snapchat also mentioned that it has made certain decisions concerning its user base.

Spotlight Snap will not feature a section for any public comments

Spotlight snaps will not feature a section for any public comments, also, profiles are private by default. So this is to say that Snapchatters can make their accounts locked down even while uploading contents.

For months, the section of the Spotlight has been hinted at, with Snapchat declaring music in snaps back in August. However, the app really lacked a feed till now for these snaps. The company already enables users to drop their snaps.

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As a part of a location that anybody can drop into and view to get a taste of what is really going on in a particular place at any time. They show up in Snap Map. Unlike that feature, however, which is very much documentary in nature, Spotlight is specially created for viral video formats.

Snapchat acknowledges the massive Success of TikTok.

Now with Spotlight, Snapchat has no doubt acknowledged the great progress of the short-form viral videos of TikTok. Something similar to the admission of Instagram together with its release of Reels in August. However, in the case of Instagram, it simply enables people to take their TikTok content over to the platform.


Instead, Snapchat is trying to motivate people to make use of its own creation tools. And stop monetization fraud just by placing people in its app. Initially, Stories was what everybody wished to copy, all thanks to its huge progress on Snapchat. It is now the TikTok video.