Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram – What You Need to Know


Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram – What You Need to Know: Telegram is an online messaging app where you get to interact with your friends, family, and business partners too. one thing you should know about Telegram is that it is a cloud-based messaging app and it was released in the year 2013.

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram

Not only that, the messaging app has well-gained millions of dedicated users who make use of the app on a daily.

Who owns Telegram?

Telegram is owned by two brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who formerly founded the Russian social network, by the name VK. However, had to leave the company after it was acquired by Group

Signal, Whatsapp, and Telegram: How does Telegram differ from the rest of messaging apps?

If there is something to mention, it is the tight security that Telegram put in more effort for. The company says that every activity on its platform is encrypted. Not excluding the groups, media, and chats. And this simply means that if they are obstructed, they won’t be noticeable without being decode first.

But, some security experts have cast their doubt on how safe Telegram is.

Which devices can Telegram operate on

apart from our mobile devices, including Android and iOS, of which we all know, Other devices are compatible with Telegram also. devices like:

  • Your Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktop computers
  • Windows NT
  • Linux
  • Windows Phone
  • macOS

Telegram vs Whatsapp – In what ways is Telegram more preferable than Whatsapp?

Here are why you should choose Telegram over Whatsapp (your choice though):

Media Compression

On Telegram, users can decide if they want to compress their images as well as videos or just send directly the uncompressed version of the photos and videos.

Unlimited server storage

Telegram has unlimited storage. and what does that mean? This simply means that all your messages, images, videos as well as your documents will be saved automatically on their cloud.

You do not have to start worrying yourself over backup and restore, as you can log in and out of your account as much as you like without having to lose any data.

Username feature

On Telegram, you can chat with anyone even if you do not have the person’s number.

Group member number capacity

On a normal, the normal group capacity in Telegram is 200. However, when the group is up to 200, it changes to a super Group having a capacity of 5000. But take note that a Supergroup has got so many more features than a Normal group.

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The channel is kind of similar to groups. Channels can occupy an unlimited number of members. and also, the creator of the channel can choose who exactly can post while the rest members can see the post.

Secret Chats

what exactly is a secret chat? Well, a secret chat is a type of end to end encrypted chat in which a person can set up a self-destruct timer. The messages will now be deleted or wiped away automatically when the timer hits. It is very hard to hack into.

Other features of Telegram over WhatsApp include:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Bots
  • Multiple sessions
  • Voice calls
  • Send any type of file at all.

Benefits of WhatsApp – Why should I go for WhatsApp – Core Reasons

Here are the core reasons why you should opt for WhatsApp:


Delivery and Read Notification

When a message is delivered on WhatsApp, WhatsApp informs the user. Also, when the message is read, it informs the user also with two blue ticks. however, some people tend to turn off their read receipts. In that case, you wouldn’t know if the message has been read or not.

Although, voice notes, when listened to, display two blue ticks even if you turn off or turn on your read receipt.

Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp also supports swift voice calls and video calls, unlike Telegram which does not. However, this depends on your Wi-Fi or mobile connection. If you have a strong and stable mobile connection or Wi-Fi connection, then sure you would enjoy the quality of your calls. Be it video call or voice call.

End to end encryption

All messages and chats on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, unlike Telegram which makes use of the end to end encryption for secret chat only.

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram – What You Need to Know

Here are some of the vital things you need to know between Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram. So, it is now left for you to decide which one is best for you or which is preferable.

Read below:


The signal is an online messaging app that offers video calls, voice calls, and also secure messages with end-to-end encryption. On Signal, you can create groups, however, you cannot broadcast messages to all your contacts or some select contacts at once just as WhatsApp does. In all, the app has as well included support for group calling.

Here is what differentiates Signal from the rest 2 apps:

  • Signal makes use of back-end user-facing encryption service
  • It allows self-destructing messages just as Telegram does though.
  • Signal enables relay voice calls to its servers, your identity is not shared, just like a VPN, which is also a great feature.
  • It makes use of the open-source Signal Protocol to establish end-to-end encryption.
  • It has got Note to Self to enable you to share your own opinions, thoughts, and ideas, without having to create single-member groups.
  • This messaging app also encrypts your metadata offering so many levels of security.
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Whatsapp is a social networking app which enables users to chat, send voice notes, make a video call and voice calls on its platform. And why this app is so much loved is the fact that it delivers messages so fast in no due time and it is also secured as it is end-to-end encrypted.

Here is what differentiates WhatsApp from the rest of messaging app:

Whatsapp has got a status feature that enables users to post short videos, pictures and also pass information to everyone that views their status just by posting on their status.

  • It enables you to choose who you wish to restrict from viewing your status.
  • It supports group video calls.
  • Photos, videos, and audio files can be shared up to 16MB on Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp enables you to share all kinds of documents and files up to 100MB.
  • On Whatsapp, you can backup and restore all your data as well as your messages through cloud services. just like iCloud and Google Drive.
  • It makes use of the E2E protocol which was built by Open Whisper Systems, the same thing as Signal.
  • You can as well share live locations with your contacts on WhatsApp.
  • Finally, Whatsapp also makes use of end to end encryption for your chats, voice calls, video calls, photos, and many more.



Here is what differentiates telegram from the rest 2 apps:

  • Telegram allows for voice and video calls on android and iOS devices as well.
  • It offers support to groups with about 200, 000 members.
  • It also offers a lot of group-specific features. Just like: Polls, Bots, Hashtags, as well as Quizzes for an extensively large group experience.
  • Self-destructing messages, where messages will get wiped out totally after a period of time.
  • Telegram allows end to end encryption to secret chat features only.
  • Telegram said it distributes 0 bytes of data with third-parties or any government till now.
  • The size limit for sharing files on the platform is just 1.5 GB.