Signal adds mainstream chat features to lure a wider audience


Signal is a messaging app that has got other features. Just like groups, file transfers, one-to-one messages, stickers, groups, photos, voice calls, and video calls as well.

You can as well have group chats with close to 1000 people as well as group calls with close to 8 people.


Signal adds mainstream chat features to lure a wider audience. The newest version of Signal for both Android devices (5.3.7) and iOS devices (5.3.1) brings some latest additions to the rising famous encrypted messaging app.

And this includes mainstream features just like animated stickers, chat wallpapers, as well as an “About” section in your profile. The iOS app now controls data more competently, also, thereby bringing it closer to feature parity with the Android app.

Some messaging apps like Telegram and Signal have experienced an increase in growth in current weeks.

Signals were assisted by a proposal from Elon Musk

Signals were assisted by a proposal from Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, while they both profited from the backlash to the confusing latest privacy policy of Facebook for WhatsApp.


The latest feature was mentioned initially on the 11th of January, 2021, and Android Police reported on the launching of the beta version of Signal for Android.

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Using chat wallpapers, you can select some presets or even choose a photo of your choice. And you can as well pick a wallpaper for a particular conversation or even all of them.

Following what Android Police said, the beta had about 24 animated stickers.

Meanwhile, the iOS app is also more effective with data. iPhone users will now see a new setting to lower the usage of data during calls.

An alternative to pause attachment downloads automatically during calls, as well as upgraded image compression among other attachments.

The Tweet Signal Made on Twitter

Here is what the company tweeted:

“Here’s a sneak peek at some new signal features that will start rolling out in a few days:

  • Animated stickers
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • About field for your signal profile
  • For iOS: Media auto-download settings and full-screen profile photos (to match android).

The company has for so long been a well-known messaging platform for those who are mainly concerned about how secure their communication over the app is.

For instance, in February 2020, the European Commission asked staff to switch to Signal, and Signal is still concerned about rolling out new security-focused features. Just like encrypted group video calls.

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However, more consumer-focused features just like stickers and wallpapers could make Signal feel more welcoming. Mainly for users coming from Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to the app. And also keep them on Signal over the long term.