Shooting Games: Top 6 Shooting Games for Android and iPhone

Are you looking for the best Shooting Games you can download for Android and iPhone? Presently, Shooting Games is one of the best games you can play. In this article, we will give you the best shooting game that you might be love and be addicted to. First-person shooting games are usually filled with an explosion, act of violence, and a lot of gunfire.



Shooting Games
However, In a shooting game, a player has to survive in an area that is filled with shooting, enemies, and other dangerous activities.
A player has to defend himself/herself from enemies by attacking the enemies. In a shooting game, it is either you win or lose to the enemies. Below are the top games that I specially picked for Android and iPhone users.

Top 6 Shooting Games

  • Archero Game
  • Tacticool Game
  • Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
  • Bad2Bad: Extinction Shooting Game
  • Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War
  • Call of Duty

Archero Game

Archero is a unique action game developed by Habby. In this game, a player controls an archer in other to defeat evil monsters scattered in different worlds and dungeons. Archero game allows players to unlock perks like shields, poison-laced arrows that deal with constant damage.
Players are also allowed to unlock fireballs that wreak havoc on monsters that get close to them. The game controls are very simple, all you have to do is to move the joystick on your screen to run around and evade enemy attacks. It is available for Android and iPhone or iPad.

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Tacticool Game

This is also one of the best shooting games available for Android phones and iPhone/iPad. It is a first-person multiplayer shooting game and it gives the player a bird’s eye view of all the action.

The gaming experience of the game is cool. You have to watch out for bullets and grenades, speeding vehicles and explosive debris because it can instantly knock you out.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

A player has to Kill or will be killed by infected zombies. Infected zombies are everywhere and a player has to become a ruthless killer. This game is a survival of the fittest game, it is either you kill or your opponent will kill you.

When you splash blood and burst the zombie’s brain, you will be given trophies. A player can also perform side missions and send out the survivors on runs to ensure you are never short on supplies. You can download the App on Playstore and Apple Store.

Bad2Bad: Extinction Shooting Games

Bad2Bad: Extinction is a top-down shooting game. The game leads a player to a squad of cuddly combat critters to battle against zombified creatures. The main objective of a player is to eradicate the infestation and finding out the cause.

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Although, there are many other side-missions like rescuing survivors and blowing up buildings. A player gets war equipment like a huge array of guns, purchase or craft, lasers, and red-dot sights. The game is available on Google play store for Android phone and App Store for iPhone or iPad users.

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War is a space shooting game. The game comes with bonuses that you can use to unlock or purchase things that will make you more potent.

You can use your bonuses to unlock or purchase powerful spaceships and drones to advanced your weapons and shields. This game is available for Android and iPhones.