Sets To Enable Wi-Fi Calling on a Samsung Mobile

Wi-Fi has greatly overtaken Bluetooth and other forms of connectivity. Wi-fi Calling is one of the numerous application of this technology on mobile devices. Samsung versions from S5 and above supports this functionality. Nothing much to it, however, lets ease into it.

wi-fi calling

What is Wi-Fi calling?

As you probably think, Wi-fi calling involves making calls using the wireless network of your mobile device. This means that it is independent of your mobile network. It is useful when the network in an area is down.

Wi-fi has become a reliable form of connectivity on recent times hence its usage in several applications. And now it is unthinkable to have a mobile without wifi connectivity.

Wi-fi calling does not take up your mobile units rather it works with the data allocation from your mobile operators. The beautiful thing is that it does not consume a lot of data like Skype voice call which really makes it a better alternative. Except you have really small data limit available. That said another factor that can turn down the effectiveness of making a  call through wifi is the strength of your wi-fi connection else the call will be dropped.

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How to  Set it Up

And now, here is the main deal, setting up wi-fi calling. Below is an easy guide to set it up.

  • Start by launching the phone’s settings.
  • Proceed to Wi-Fi or Wireless Networks.
  • Find and tap a network want to join.
  • Enter a password if prompted.
  • Once connected

Now you can start set up of your phone to enable it.

  • From your home screen, tap phone.

These steps may differ a bit from other phones depending on the operating systems that you are currently running.

  • Tap the Menu or more to open the settings.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi Calling on and you are done.