schedule text message

Schedule Text Message on iOS12 Using the Shortcut App


There are many reasons you might want to schedule text message to automatically send at a later time. Doing so will ensure you do not miss out on the birthday of friends and family. You could also become known for being the first to send anniversary text message.

schedule text message

Insomuch, the usefulness of schedule text message goes beyond family anniversary but in office management or setting up corporate and date meetings.

However, one of deterring factor about this was the lack of an inbuilt schedule app. Until now a third-party app is what you need.

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Send Schedule Text Messages on iPhone Using Siri Shortcut

  •  The first step is to get the send delayed text shortcut on your iOS device.
  • After installing the shortcut app, Locate and tap the three dots icon on the Send delayed text shortcut.
  • Here, you can schedule a text message to multiple contacts on your iOS.

Note: It is advisable to leave all other settings as they are. you may change the date, but it does not really matter much. Turn off the switch next to ‘Show When Run’.

  • From the settings, Add to Siri to command, etc.
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When everything is in place, run the shortcut from the Library.

  • Tap on ‘Send a delayed text.’ To schedule a text message.
  • Pick the contact that you are sending a schedule text message.
  • Now, enter the message then tap on OK.
  • Next, set the date and time you want to send the message in the future.
  • Then tap on the OK button.

That’s it, You have successfully schedule text message on your iPhone.

Now, your message will be delivered on the date as indicated. To confirm, ask your friend to check his message app. So you do not need to continue using third party schedule apps to send schedule text message.


IMPORTANTLY: do not close the shortcut app (you can minimize) because closing the app will prompt the app not to deliver your message.

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