Samsung Smart TV Review and Apps Download – Awesome Apps for your Smart TV

Are you having any problem with your Samsung smart Tv apps download? Do you want to download Samsung Smart Tv Apps but you are unable to do so? If so, This is a great opportunity for you. because in this article, you will be enlightened on how you can easily download Samsung Smart TV apps. Before we continue on the Samsung Smart TV App download. Let’s discuss what a smart TV is.

smart TV is a television set that has an integrated Internet and interactive “Web 2.0” features. It is a technological convergence between flatscreen television sets and set-top boxes and computers. A smart TV can also be called Connected TV or Hybrid Tv. It provides Internet Television, over-the-top content (OTT), online interactive media, Home Networking access, and on-demand streaming media.

Best Samsung smart tv apps


It is one of the best and most popular Samsung smart apps. Netflix allows you to stream videos from the web directly to your TV screen without an external gadget. The Netflix app is usually pre-installed on Samsung Smart TV. Likewise, it can also be downloaded in almost all Samsung Smart TVs.


 YouTube is one of the most popular TV App and this App interface is very easy to use. It gives users the access to Sign-in with the Google Account to synchronize YouTube data.

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This is also one of the most popular Samsung Smart TV. It allows you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on your TV. This app helps users to manage the heavy loaded games by streaming them directly from Sony’s servers.

Amazon Prime Video

This is an Internet video on demand service. Amazon prime video is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon. The Amazon video serves in countries like UK, India, USA, and other European countries.


 It is an American entertainment company that provides over-the-top media services. Hulu is another popular American subscription video on demand service. It offers the most popular and exclusive content to its users.


 This is a music streaming service and it is developed by a Swedish company. This service is designed mainly for music lovers.


It is a video-on-demand service that allows you to pay as you go. Vudu is best known for its higher quality video and sound.


This is one of the most popular media players that allows you to stream media that is stored on your PC or Phone. It accesses the content remotely over the server, all you have to do so that you can be able to use this service is to Subscribe.

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Web Search

 It gives users the access to search for their query on their TV using Web 2.0.

HBO Now | Go

This is also a Video on demand service. It is easy to use and it gives you many advantages.


It is an internet streaming and video on demand service designed by BBC. The iPlayer service allows you to live videos. Click HERE to download the app on your device