Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 – All You Need To Know


Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021. Samsung has announced its new Galaxy Unpacked event set to be released on the 28th of April, 2021 at 10 AM ET, thereby teasing the announcement of “the most powerful Galaxy” device.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Though, the teaser isn’t forthcoming. However, given the nature of the announcement made by Samsung as well as the usual release cycle of Samsung, there are still some hints we can dig out.

First the description of what Samsung is announcing as “the most powerful Galaxy” would seem to rule out a phone. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that was rumored.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: All You Need To Know

The most generous representation of a mobile processor, (even the one as mighty as the flagship Snapdragon 888 of Qualcomm), is not still the same ballpark as a true laptop processor.

In spite of the current headlines. Samsung is rumored still to announce the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 during a July event. Which is indisputably a replacement for the high-end summer phone release spot of the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Book lineup of laptops of Samsung, on the other side, would suit the bill for a more powerful Galaxy Phone and is long overdue for an update.

The recent models of Samsung Galaxy were being announced all the way back in 2019 and they still feature the long-outdated 10th Generation processors of Intel. Although, they didn’t reach the stores in the United States until May 2020.

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A Galaxy Book refresh that highlighted some of the latest 11th Generation Tiger Lake chips if Intel or even the newer 35W H-series variants of Intel would easily take charge as the latest “most powerful” product of Galaxy.

When is Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event?

The event of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 is set to take place on the 28th of April at 10 am ET. Read below to see the local times:

New York: 10:00 EDT
San Francisco: 7:00 PDT
Berlin: 16:00 CEST
London: 15:00 BST
Tokyo: 23:00 JST
New Delhi: 19:30 IST
Syndey: 00:00 29 April, 2021


How to Watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event?

To watch it, visit Samsung’s Newsroom site as a live stream will be available there. You can as well watch it on YouTube.

What Should We Expect from the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event?

Well, since Samsung said that it will be revealing “the most powerful Galaxy”. Then we should expect that the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 will be a laptop rather than Samsung’s normal phone.

So we just say that the Samsung Galaxy Book is in the frame.

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The teaser video showed that the new device was being delivered with powerful happenings en route. also suggesting 5G connectivity.

Whereas, the closing scene looks more like someone opening a notebook.

Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung is also rumored to be working on a new Galaxy Book Pro line of laptops. The laptops would feature 13.3 inch as well as 15.6 inch OLED panels, upgraded Intel CPUs, and S-Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy Book

One of the latest models, which is the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is also said to have a 5G compatibility.

Though, we actually do not know what exactly will be powering the model. The Galaxy Book S came in both Qualcomm and Intel versions, so we say it is coming from a slightly unsteady position.

Exynos x AMD

The company has as well been working in hands with AMD for some years now. And it is believed that the outcome will be Exynos hardware with an AMD GPU.

Earlier this year (2021), Samsung made it clear that it will be unveiling the outcome of this partnership in a Samsung flagship device.


We assumed the device to be the Galaxy Fold 3, however, it could be that this is targeted at the notebooks of Samsung instead.