Safari Browser Download – Windows and Apple Web Browser


Safari browser is a web that enables users to search through sites faster. On this platform, users can be assured that the website is more efficient and faster than any other web browser.

Safari Browser Download Windows and Apple Web Browser

The browser works with iCloud so it makes users browse effectively across other devices. The Browser’s handy tools help you to find, save and share your favorites. So it makes a site more responsive and it allows your battery to last longer.

Safari is developed by Apple which is based on the web kit engine. It was first released in 2003 with a mobile version that has been included in IOS device. This web browser is the default browser on Apple devices. A window version that has now been discontinued, was previously available from 2007 to 2012. The app is the world fastest browser on Mac and Pc.

Safari Web Browser Features


The following are some of the features of Safari web browser. You can try the app to enjoy more of its features.

  • The app has the feature of URL path navigation, With this app, it is possible to navigate and view different levels of the site.
  • There are search snapback,  The search snapback enables a user to move back to the original search you made. With just one option you can easily jump back to your previous search.
  • On the new Safari version, you can now inspect HTML and CSS right from your browser. This feature is similar to the Firebug extension made for Firefox. The web inspector gives you all necessary information that will be helpful during web designs and development.
  • This web browser has an inline dictionary programmed on it. With this dictionary allows users to get the meaning of a word they search. To try this on your safari web browser just click on Ctrl-cmd-d shortcut and you will get the meaning of the words you search.
  • The quick notes are one of the most powerful and effective features of Safari browser. This web browser has the ability to quickly capture text to a note-taking interface. When you are browsing and you need to take note of something on the web. just highlight the text and click on shift-cmd-y. This will instantly take whatever you had highlighted and pull it into a note for safekeeping of it.
  • Another feature is the selection of speech, this feature doesn’t require day to day use. But it’s a great feature for showing OS X off to those who are yet to see the light. To try this just highlight any portion of text you wish to and select Services –> Speech –> Start Speaking Text.
  • The last feature is the email page link, A task that’s frequently performed is emailing the link to the current page you are on. Basically, when you want to send the link to a friend it takes multiple steps to send. But now you can simply copy the link and paste it into a new email in a single keyboard shortcut.
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How to Download Safari Web Browser

  • You can simply download safari app on the web. Launch your browser. Click here to download
  • You will get a download link just click on the link. The next thing to do is to select the device you want to download safari on.
  • The app will be downloaded instantly, also note that safari replaces the previous duplication to reduce the storage size.
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