Roku Streambar

Roku’s Streambar is a compact soundbar with fixed streaming smarts


Roku’s Streambar is a compact soundbar with fixed streaming smarts. One year after Roku made mention of its Smart Soundbar, the company has now come up with a Streambar which incorporates a compact soundbar together with a 4K / HDR streaming device.

The streaming device is friendly with all the apps and services you should be expecting from Roku. Also, it integrates this with four full-range speakers driver to light up your living room with stereo audio. The soundbar publicized today, together with the Roku Ultra streaming box (updated), which now allows Dolby Vision.

Roku’s Streambar will be sold at a retail price of $1299.99 and ships in the middle of October.

Roku's Streambar

The major difference between Roku’s former Smart Soundbar and Streambar

The major difference between the former Smart Soundbar of Roku and Roku’s Streambar is the Size. The main soundbar was more than 32 inches long while the latest Streambar by Roku is below half that at inches 14. Its little size should make it very simple to fit into living rooms that are small or together with bedroom TVs.

Alternatively, the specifications of Roku’s Streambar are mainly indistinguishable to the Smart Soundbar. It connects to your Television through HDMI ARC or through optical audio. And it has a Bluetooth receiver and allows for Spotify Connect if you want to stream music.


It as well as a USB port right on its back if you want to attach either an external hard drive to locally play content or if you want to plug in a USB stick. One amazing thing is that this port can as well be used with an adapter for Ethernet. If you are based in the United States, then you should opt for the Smart Soundbar.

The reason is that you can couple it with the wireless speakers of Roku and even subwoofer to have a great sound step.

Roku’s Streambar

Just like the Smart Soundbar, the Roku’s Streambar comprises software audio features for a pair of several use cases. There is this particular one that makes speech very easy to hear. There is also another that evens out the volume across what you are watching to lower the volume of noisy commercials.

Also, there is a night mode to enable you to hear the TV without having to disturb or wake others. All these mentioned are being led with an added Roku voice remote.

Finally, Roku’s Streambar allows close to 4K content as well as HDR through the HDR10 and HLG standards. All supported audio formats include Dolby Audio and PCM. However, the support for Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Vision is excluded here but you can still see them in the latest Roku Ultra.

Interestingly, the Streambar works with Google Assistant, Alexa. And it will be one of the devices of Roku that is receiving support for AirPlay 2. As well as HomeKit.


The latest Streambar by Roku will be only available in Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Preorder: However, the new device is available for preorder starting today 28/09/2020