Roku Does Customizable Buttons on the Voice Remote Pro

Roku Does Customizable Buttons on the Voice Remote Pro. Roku has got such strange relationships with remotes. When it comes to branded buttons, then it is definitely one of the worst offenders.

One of the remotes of Roku bears a strange glyph that has never been used for anything.


Still, when it comes to customizability, Roku leads the pack.

Years back, some of the remotes of Roku provided buttons that were programmable. And of recent, it released its Voice Remote Pro which takes them to greater heights.

Roku Programmable Shortcut Keys

The programmable shortcut keys on the remote, which are labeled with a 1 and a 2 only, are enormously customizable. And for real, Roku has got the software support to back up those kinds of stuff in a very easy and friendly manner.

The one that the upgraded Remote Pro’s mic makes very easier with its hands-free commands.

Say any voice command. Let it be as basic as opening a streaming app that Roku has no sponsored button for. Or even as complex as lower the volume to about 10 %.

Then you press and hold the button, and instantly you create a shortcut to do the action on command.

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It is just a smart system, especially the one that leverages the voice controls of Roku in order to enable complex commands, without users having to muck around with complex software menus to program what they actually want.

All you just need to do is to speak in what you want Roku to do, and then you save for how long you actually need it.

Roku’s Customization System

The customization system of Roku is easily reprogrammable on the fly as well. Whether you want a good button that plays only Iron Man 2, you can get it. Or you are trying to learn French by watching Netflix’s Lupin.

You can easily make a button to toggle captions. Your imagination is your only real limit as well as Roku’s surprisingly deep bench of voice command options.

Roku’s system also assists you in alleviating one of the biggest problems with voice assistants. Sometimes you don’t want to disturb the rest household with the noise of you telling Roku to keep changing the TV Channels.

Once it is programmed, the shortcut buttons will now make it very possible for you to silently make use of long and complex voice commands. Thereby making them the best complement to Roku remotes’ roommate-pacifying headphone feature similarly.

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It is just a system that is very useful, it is a wonder that big companies like Amazon, Apple, and even Google aren’t looking to provide a similar feature in the nearest future.

Also, voice remotes are great, however, at the end of everything, absolutely no one wants to hear you or see you shouting over the sound of the newly released episode of your favorite tv shows.