Rode Connect lets you mix up to 4 USB mics at a time

Rode Connect lets you mix up to 4 USB mics at a time. We all know how important USB microphones are for creators starting out in podcasting. until they have to mic more than one person in a room.

Though, we haven’t seen any efficient way to record multiple USB mics simultaneously on one computer. And that is the more reason Rode is trying to launch an app that solves all that.

Rode Connect

The latest Road Connect of Rode enables you to record multitrack. Or even mixed stereo audio whenever you are plugging close to 4 USB microphones into your computer.

Well, there is one big catch. You can do this only with one model of USB microphone, which is Rode’s $99 NT-USB Mini.

You can as well think of the app as a virtual version of Rode’s $599 hardware mixer. Which is the Rodecaster Pro.

The Rodecaster Pro enables you to plug in so many XLR microphones. Record locally and play audio clips.

The Rode Connect also does that in an app on your computer with USB mics. This can come in handy for people who don’t have any professional microphones or external mixers.

However since the app is all locked up into the USB microphone ecosystem of Rode. I don’t think it is that easy to possibly take full advantage of it.

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Also, the NT-USB Mini is not the best-sounding USB microphone that Rode has to offer. Simply means you are somewhat limited on sound quality also.

Rode also made it clear that the NT-USB Mini’s digital signal processing is the reason it is the only microphone to operate with the system.

The processor lightens the load on the computer by just having the internal EQ. And compression presets operate inside the microphone. Rather than just running through the computer.

Rode to Add more models to Rode Connect

Following what Rode said. There may still be some more models of its microphone included in the Rode Connect capability list.

Rode said:

“We are actually looking at how we can expand the selection of microphones available for use with Rode Connect. And where possible we will integrate other Rode mics into the solution.”

Just like the Rodecaster Pro, live streaming seems to just be an ideal use case for the new app. Rode Connect enables you to also include system audio in the mixer.

And this enables you to mix in any sound that is playing directly from your computer. Or even a single application. Just like Youtube, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and many more.

If you have a streaming setup in something like OBS. You can as well choose the aggregate sound device that Rode creates as your audio input.

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And also, you can use the complete mix from Rode Connect in your stream, without playing with the finicky OBS audio or even including more CPU-intensive plugins.

In all, having your own separate audio-focused mixer program for more granular settings increase the production value on a live stream in a significant way.

Also, this uncovers the possibility of having to mix audio virtually into your Zoom call or maybe some new social audio app.

Rode Connect, A Great Way to Use Software to Solve Problems

Furthermore, Rode Connect seems like it is an efficient way to make use of software to solve any problem with recording so many USB mics with only one device.

However, it looks more like a way of convincing consumers to purchase more of the latest microphones of Rode for the time being.