Ring Security System has announced its new line of security cameras for cars


Ring has announced its first foray into products that are meant to be used outside the house. The company did this together with a new line of security cameras that are created and designed for cars. The latest Car Alarm, Car Can, as well as Car Connect systems, integrate into the same Ring app.

That allows the company’s security cameras, home security alarm, as well as it’s video doorbells. And they supply owners with the alert for any attempted robbing or burglary. The new products will be available from next year.

Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring mentions that the main reason they went deep into the automatics market is in response to those customers that have been asking for how they can easily safeguard their vehicles in the same way they safeguard their homes with the products of Ring.


The Car Alarm priced at $59.99 is the easiest of the new devices. The reason is that the Car Alarm plugs into the OBD-II diagnostic port of your car and transmits alerts to your phone anytime it notices a break-in. Be it someone trying to pull the vehicle, or if a vehicle mistakenly hits your car.

The Car Alarm also an in-built siren which can of course be remotely triggered. And it can as well be connected to other Ring or even Alexa devices to clear and loud alerts anytime it detects an event.

Car Alarm Connectivity

When we talk about connectivity, the Car Alarm makes use of its parent company. That is the latest Sidewalk network of Amazon which was publicized last year and is begging to notice some real products, as well as development on it now. Amazon says that it will launch Sidewalk later this year.


The Car Cam which is priced at $199.99 is the first camera that Ring ever created for outside of the home. Also, the device is capable of recording the inside and the outside of the car. The Car Cam has a camera that is shoot out the front windshield and also the one that points toward the interior of the car when placed on the dashboard of a car.

Just like the Car Alarm, the Car Cam can as well transmit alerts to the owner each time an event occurs, like a break-in or anytime it detects an accident. And with this, owners of the car can go into the cameras’ feeds to check what’s going on. However, the Car Cam depends on either the LTE or the Wi-Fi for connectivity.

In addition to all I have earlier mentioned, the Car Can is capable of pinging first st responders automatically during the event of a “serious crash”. It also has another feature known as “Traffic Stop”. The “Traffic Stop” enables owners to say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over”.

The reason is to activate or wake the cameras to begin to record and store their footage to the cloud. Finally, Ring mentions that there are also in-built privacy features that include a physical camera shutter. As well as the capacity to disenable the interior video and audio recording electronically.

Ring created the Car Connect

It’s no doubt that a lot of cars have in-built cameras in them already. Back-up cameras have been authorized since 2018 in the United States. Ring came about the Car Connect platform to integrate into its system those existing cameras. Car Connect is a set of APIs for manufacturers of cars.

To allow owners to receive alerts for events, see recorded footage. And also check if the car is locked or it’s unlocked.


Ring mentions that it is collaborating with other makers of automative to generate support for the system. However, Tesla is the first partnership it is announcing. The owners of the Model 3, X, S, as well as Y that have enabled Sentry Mode. Will be allowed to install a device that enables them to connect to the existing cameras of the car. And observe footage.