How to Renew and Activate Ntel Promo Wawu line (500% data) 1000 for 10GB

Note: This article has been updated.

Ntel is an advanced 4G network provider based in Nigeria. This network provider has a good track record of download speed and blazing browsing. Although, Ntel is not yet available all over the country the network provider is working on it. The amazing network just launches a new Ntel WAWU sim card a few weeks ago.

How to Renew and Activate Ntel Promo Wawu line (500% data) 1000 for 10GB

The WAWU sim offers all users a massive 10GB of data and 500% double data bonus. Meanwhile, the 500% data bonus lasts for a year. Users also get a cheap call rate of 8kn/sec from the bonus given on the data purchase. The most interesting part is that users will get  1GB of data when they purchase Ntel WAWU sim. When you want to purchase this sim card, you will receive two sim card. One consist of 1GB that will last for 48hours and the other sim consist of 10GB with 1000 free airtime but this one is for 30days.

The sim works on smartphones and universal modem. The network is very fast and steady, quickly get yours now to get started on the plan. Do you know if you subscribe to the WAWU 2GB, users will receive a 12GB bonus? Users also get a 24GB bonus for the WAWU 4GB plan. Get 48GB bonus for the WAWU 8GB plan and get 96GB for the WAWU 16GB plan. You can visit the official site to know more about this plans. You can also click HERE to read more on our post.

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How to Activate Ntel WAWU sim

  • Simply visit any ntel participating device retailer outlet or visit the ntel activation team around you.
  • Get the ntel WAWU SIM for free and insert it in your 4G smartphone or Router then turn on your data.
  • Visit the official website and fill the mini-KYC form with your correct details.
  • Tap the Submit button and enter the OTP code that will be sent to you. Once you are done, you will receive 1GB worth of FREE data for browsing.
  • Lastly, you can now visit any Ntel shop to complete your full KYC registration after that you will get another 10GB free data bonus.

How to renew Ntel promo line (500% data) 1000 for 10gb

  • Open your browser and go to the official login platform, you can click HERE to visit the platform.
  • Use your ntel phone number to log in and use 1234 as your default password.
  • Click on Bundle purchases from the tabs, then click on data only plans.
  • Choose any of the bundle plan and select account balance as the payment option. You can also pay with your ATM card. Once you are done with that click on the “Purchase Bundle” button.
  • When you are done with the above process, you can browse as you want.
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Renew Ntel Wawu Plan: Other Method (Updated tips)

Use Quickteller platform ( to fund your account. under phone number, type in your ntel phone number, do not type and paste your phone number. Type it completely. Then select Ntel top up from the options section and type in the amount you want to fund. Please note that quickteller charges 100 naira for transactions.

After successfully recharging your account, the next step is to open your email and type in your subject as follows. “Activate Wawu on ‘type in your number’ “ then do the same in your content of the mail and send to

Hopefully, within 48hours they will activate your account. Hope this was helpful. Kindly share this update with your friends.