Renault Arkana: Is It Truly a Reasonably Priced Mid-Size SUV?

The mid-sized coupe-SUV segment has been dominated by premium manufacturers such as the Peugeot 3008, Mini Countryman, and Nissan Juke, among others. Making Arkana’s arrival all the more significant given the level of competition.

Renault Arkana

The Renault Arkana is equipped with Renault’s latest hybrid technology. This tech includes mild hybrid and full hybrid petrol engines.

The inside demonstrates that Renault’s attempts to infuse previous smaller models with additional cabin quality have paid off. Allowing the company to move upmarket while retaining the same interior technology.

As a result, the concept is remarkably refined.

Background Check

Renault has prospered throughout the years and is best known for expanding an existing concept. Their work on Clio, Scenic, and Captur demonstrates their professionalism to an unmistakable degree.

This means that Arkana was at the right place at the right time. Since it fills an existing but underdeveloped market niche, that of the mid-sized coupe-SUV. Just the type of vehicle on which Renault’s design department thrives.

With excellent vehicles such as the BMW X4, Audi Q5 Sportback, and Mercedes GLC Coupe, European premium brands dominate this segment.

Renault is introducing the Arkana to bridge the gap between these two brands as the segment’s sole volume brand vehicle that is truly inexpensive. Both Skoda and Kia are developing coupe-SUVs, but they will be expensive all-electric models.

Renault Arkana: Exterior Design

Renault Arkana

Arkana’s shape strikes a balance between the refinement of a saloon and the commanding attitude of an SUV. Nonetheless, there is no other vehicle in the segment with a rear-end quite like this one.

190mm of ground clearance, as well as tough front and rear skid plates and wheel arches, bolster the SUV’s credentials.

The five-door bodyshell spans 4,568mm in length and 1,571mm in height and is bolted together in South Korea, not France.

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Renault Arkana: Interior Design

Renault Arkana

By fusing the elegance of a saloon with the utility of a super SUV, the Arkana interior aspires to a premium feel, which has been achieved to some extent superficially.

With a digital instrument cluster of 4.2, 7.0, or 10.2-inches in size and a central touchscreen measuring 7.0 or 9.3-inches, depending on trim, digitalization sets the stage.

It’s also a practical cabin, with thoughtful details such as huge front door pockets that can hold 1.5-liter water bottles.

Due to the comparatively long 2,720mm wheelbase, the rear seat boasts legroom comparable to that of a much more expensive Q5 or X4. Additionally, there has a 513-liter boot (122-liters larger than the Clio’s), which is reduced to 438-liters in the hybrid variant.

Engine and Performance

Renault Arkana

Coming from the CMF-B compact car platform developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, an alliance tasked with delivering ground-breaking performance. The Arkana is powered by Clio and Captur engines from the parent company. Both units produce 140hp and are petrol-fueled, although they are rather different.

With a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder 12v TCE 140 mild-hybrid petrol engine driving the front wheels through a dual-clutch automatic transmission. It accelerates from rest to 62mph in 9.8 seconds en route to 127mph.

If you’re looking for greater performance and have some extra cash to invest, you may choose one of Clio’s self-charging Prius-like engines or the Captur’s PHEV plug-in hybrid engine.

It has chosen Clio’s self-charging unit, which is equipped with two electric motors and a 1.2-kWh lithium-ion battery.

It transmits power using a smart clutch-less dog box auto transmission derived from Formula One, which Renault claims is more efficient and smoother than a standard automatic. From rest, 62mph takes 10.8 seconds to reach 107mph.

The auto-powertrain configuration reveals the majority of what you need to know about the market’s emphasis on comfort over driving performance – yet almost all vehicles in this segment are available with an automatic transmission.

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Renault’s ‘Motorway and Traffic Jam Companion’ — an automated driving mode that may take control of the car’s throttle, brakes, and steering – is a reference to autonomous drive technology.

Affordability and Model

Renault Arkana

The Renault Arkana starts at around £25,000 and goes up to slightly over £30,000. The Arkana is available in three trim levels: the ‘Iconic’, the ‘S Edition’, and the ‘R.S. Line’.

There is a £1,300 premium for the E-Tech hybrid engine over the TCe 140 engine.

Whichever version you purchase, you’re guaranteed Apple CarPlay’ and Android Auto’ smartphone mirroring systems. As well as over-the-air infotainment screen updates and real-time traffic information.

Other standard features include adaptive cruise control, active emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and a traffic sign recognition system.

Renault believes that many Arkana consumers will prefer the sporty ‘R.S. Line’ trim option.

Trimmed variations include a front splitter, red coach lines, black alloy wheels, and a more aggressive rear bumper with a pair of chrome exhaust outlets.

The Arkana ‘R.S. Line’ versions have contrasting red stitching on the seats and steering wheel, a black headliner, aluminum pedals, red-striped seat belts, and carbon-effect dashboard and door card coverings.

With a variety of visual options available, including a contrasting black roof, three alloy wheel designs in 17-inch or 18-inch rim diameters, and seven body colors. Including an ‘R.S. Line’-exclusive ‘Valencia Orange’ paint finish, Arkana characters may customize their vehicles.