President of El Salvador Submitting Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender


Bitcoin Legal Tender. President of El Salvador is Submitting Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender. El Salvador is building up a bill to see bitcoin as legal tender, this research was according to President Nayib Bukele.

In a videotaped announcement that was displayed on Saturday, Nayib mentioned that he will present the bill next week.

Bitcoin Legal Tender

Zap’s Jack Mallers publicized this news in Miami at the Bitcoin 2021 conference. He mentioned that the company is joining heads together with Bukele to execute a plan.

However, the legislative assembly of the country must review the bill. However, with the upstart political party of Bukele in firm control of the body, every approval seemed all but Saturday afternoon assuredly.

The approval of the bill will make El Salvador the very first nation to endorse a bitcoin standard. Its complete text was not available immediately.

Here is what Maller said:

“As of now, El Salvador is set to be the first bitcoin country”.

He further mentioned:

“And the first country to make bitcoin legal tender and treat it as a world currency and have bitcoin on their reserves”.

However, we don’t really know what it means to be the first bitcoin country for the financially unstable and brutally poor Central American nation. Here 70% of those living there don’t have any banking account.

The gross domestic product of El Salvador was $24.6 billion in 2020, following Statista.

The 39-year-old president said in recorded remarks that his plan will get benefits for a short period of time for so many unbanked persons. The president of El Salvador also said it will bring more jobs.

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He said:


“And in the medium and long term, we hope that this decision can help us push humanity, at least a tiny bit into the right decision”.

Bitcoin Legal Tender – Inflation Angst

Bitcoin Legal Tender.¬†Mallers framed the announcement of the President of El Salvador as pushing back against “unprecedented monetary expansion”.

He also blamed the U.S. Federal Reserve for “crushing emerging markets”. Just like the dollarized economy of El Salvador by printing greenbacks ad-nauseum.

A short excerpt of what displayed to be the bill of Bukele harped on a similar theme which reads thus:

“Central banks are increasingly taking actions that may cause harm to the economic stability of El Salvador”.

The excerpt further said:

“in order to mitigate the negative impact from central banks, it becomes necessary to authorize the circulation of a digital currency.

With a supply that cannot be controlled by any central bank and is only altered in accord with the objective and calculable criteria”.

The decentralized, stateless, and old digital currency, Bitcoin seems to match those criteria.

The plan of El Salvador still stays in clear contrast to a competiting vision of money receiving traction among various central banks.

Close to 80 percent are studying central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In a worldwide push to make fiat more united with the digital economy.

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However, none of them have really looked into executing it via a cryptocurrency beyond their control.

El Salvador Experience

Bitcoin Legal Tender.¬†A payment app that is being developed on the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, Mallers’ Strike, this year has been on the ground in El Salvador.

Together with Mallers asserting to onboard twenty thousand Salvadorans a day during the peak activity of the app in the country.

During a pathetic speech, Mallers cleared the doubt that the mission of Zap is to assist those in economies that he believes are mostly influenced by central bank monetary inflation.

Here is what Maller said concerning the Bitcoin Legal Tender:

“We want to make cross-border payments free”.

He continued:

“We want to solve the remittance problem for places that need it the most”.


He also mentioned that Zap will be launching a headquarters in El Salvador in collaboration with Blockstream.

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