Polkadot – How Does it Work?, How to Buy and Polkawallet.

Polkadot is a next-generation Blockchain protocol and it was created by Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum in the year 2016. Gavin Wood decided to leave Ethereum in order to send out his promises that Ethereum couldn’t do.

This blockchain protocol is being operated by the Web3 Foundation and also developed by Parity Technologies where Gavin Wood is a co-founder as well.

Having launched in 2020 only, Polkadot is one of the latest competing blockchains on the block now amongst others. Just like Ethereum, Cosmos, and Cardano.


With the fact that Polkadot was being founded by the same person who founded Ethereum, there are so many similarities in its operation and design as Ethereum’s update “Ethereum 2.0”.

However, the main aim of Polkadot is to be the latest internet of blockchain that will interact with each other seamlessly. For now, there is possibly no room for each of the different blockchain to communicate with one another.

For instance, you could not have a smart contract on Ethereum that could lead to payment on Bitcoin.


Polkadot is trying hard to correct this, by offering cross-chain interoperability. So that oracles, blockchains, and decentralized apps as well will be able to communicate with each other.

By gathering all the different blockchain in one place they hope to offer the best platform for any project at all you can possibly think of.

Why this app is loved is the fact that you can actually build up your custom blockchain in some minutes and receive security.

Also, the blockchain protocol can upgrade without any inconvenience.

In all, its transaction fees are low and it has high stability.

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How Does Polkadot Work?

Well, Polkadot makes use of Parachains, Relay Chains, Bridges, and Parathreads to operate the network.

And what are the works of all these chains?


Parachains enable plenty of chains to operate at the same time and get their own tokens. and also boost their functionality for particular use cases.



Parathreads also work in the same way as Pvarachains. However in a pay-as-you-go way.


Relaychains are in charge of the shared security of the network, cross-chain interoperability, and consensus.


Bridges enable both the Parachains and the Parathreads to link and interact with external networks. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In all, Polkadot makes use of what they call the “GRANDPA” consensus. The “GRANDPA” consensus is used for a more safe and strong network.

In great network conditions, the “GRANDPA” consensus can finalize blocks in few seconds.

Whereas in bad network conditions, just like a network partition, the “GRANDPA” consensus can finalize huge amounts of blocks at a time, when the partitions finally resolve.

What is the DOT Token?

The Dot Token enables holders to gain governance right on the platform. Also, to vote on network fees, upgrades, as well as the deployment or withdrawals of Parachains.

Where Can I buy Dot Tokens?

Dot tokens can be purchased on some of the main crypto exchanges. Just lijke Binance Exchange, Crypto.com and Kraken.

Binance Exchange

Binance is one of the widest crypto exchanges in the world by trading volume. The exchange provides one of the widest ranges of cryptos that are available in the market.

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Also, with Binance, you can actually trade for DOT for a little fee of about 0.1%.


Crypto.com is also one of the largest trading exchanges and it offers trading for about 55 different cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, Crypto.com also operates different events with Supercharger and the Syndicate in the past.

Polkadot Price Prediction

Though we do not really know, rumors had it that the DOT price will increase between 20 dollars and 30, 76 dollars by mid-2021 and closely $50 by the end of 2021.

And this is a very great investment than some of the coins that were newly introduced that creates waves in the crypto industry as well.

Polkadot – Polkawallet

Polkawallet is a safe wallet for storing your Polkadot. With this wallet, you are able to keep your locked and secured assets and also transfer them by making use of a QR code.

The Polkawallet also enables staking and partaking in the governance of Polkadot.


In addition to that, the app will also send a notification of proposals and referendums to you if you wish to participate.

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