Peloton reveals new chapter treadmill and high-priced Bike Plus


Peloton has doubled its product, by introducing a lesser-priced treadmill and a high-priced exercise bike. The latest treadmill, known as the Tread, will be priced at $2,495 in “early 2021”. Whereas, the exercise bike, called the Bike Plus, will be priced at $2,495 starting from the 9th of September in the US, UK, Canada, as well as Germany.

Due to the launches, the initial Peloton Tread has been renamed the “Tread Plus ($4,295)”. While the initial Bike still has its name, however, it is priced at a lower rate of $1,895.

The reports of last week say that this latest equipment was incoming. And it isn’t surprising with the way the business of the company has rapidly grown even during the coronavirus pandemic. Like I said earlier, that isn’t surprising because the outbreak of the coronavirus that resulted in total lockdown worldwide has forced people to stay at home and to also work out from home.


With this, people would be forced to purchase all kinds of gymnastic equipment which made Peloton witness sales growth of 66 percent yearly, though, it is sometimes struggled to maintain this demand.

Peloton Bike Plus and treadmill

The latest Tread and Bike Plus has a similar formula as the former products of Peloton, giving slick virtual classes through in-built screens. The big improvement for the new Bike Plus is a 23.8 inches HD touchscreen that rotates and upgraded speakers that make it very easy to flow with other non-bike workouts by Peloton.


Just like yoga and strength training. Also, Bike Plus now gives Apple GymKit integration. And this means that you can now log your workouts just by touching your Apple Watch on the frame.

The latest treadmill has limited upgrades, just as you would expect to see in a lower-priced product. The treadmill has a similar 23.8-inch touchscreen as the Bike Plus, but it does not revolve like the Bike Plus. Rather, it slopes up and down for better clarity.

The company has as well exchanged the slatted belt design of its former treadmill for a lesser-priced ceaseless belt loop. The new treadmill by Peloton is also smaller in size than the recently renamed Tread Plus. Which has measurements of 68 inches L x 33 inches W x 62 inches H.

The company has managed to clear the front shroud from the design, though, rampant in a lot of treadmills. This aids in giving it a more outstanding look as well as an enjoyable running track.

For easy understanding, you can check below for what the latest product lineup and prices of Peloton look like as of the 9th of September. You can as well trade in the initial Peloton Bike for a $700 discount and free Yoga and Toning accessories set.

Also recall that, if you want to gain access to all classes of Peloton, you will have to pay for a $39 subscription every month.

The new product lineup and their prices


The Peloton new product lineup and their prices include:

  • The original Peloton Bike priced at $1,895
  • The new Peloton Bike Plus priced at $2,495
  • The renamed Peloton Tread Plus priced at $4,295
  • The new Peloton Tread at a starting price of $2,495, coming early 2021.