PDF file: How to Open and Download a PDF file

Have you been finding it difficult to open or download a PDF file? If yes, do not give up because, in this article, I would be showing you how you can open a PDF file. But before we dive into that, I would like to brief you on what a PDF is all about. A Portable Document Format popularly known as the PDF is a file format used in presenting documents such as images and text formatting. In such a way that you wouldn’t have to depend on operating systems, application software and hardware. The PDF specification also allows for digital signatures and encryption, metadata and file attachments to enable workflows.

Download a PDF file

How to download PDF files

To download a PDF file, all you need to do is:

  • Firstly, you download a PDF file reader if you don’t have one. To download it, go to Google Playstore, search for PDF file reader, click on install, to download it.
  • Now that you must have downloaded the PDF file reader, look for the PDF you wish to download. Take note that the PDF file must open full screen as part of its own page and not as part of another page.
  • Now right-click inside the PDF.
  • Click on save as or save page as. Note, some web browsers have an icon that looks like a floppy disk, a line with an arrow pointing down or a page having an arrow inside it. That is the ‘Save icon’. Some websites might also have links to download PDF files. All you need to do is to click on the link and choose where you want to download the file to then click save.
  • Now select where you want the file to be saved by using the file browser to navigate where you want the PDF to be saved. You could as well click on the Quick Access folder to choose a location.
  • Input a name for the PDF, this is optional. But if you wish to change the file name of the PDF, enter a new name into the bar close to ‘Filename’.
  • Then click ‘Save’.
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Now let us move to how you can open a PDF file.

How to open a PDF file on an Android phone

  • Go to Google Store and download the PDF file reader. To download it, type in PDF file reader in the search bar and search. After you must have done that, click on install to download the file.
  • Now look for the PDF file you want to open. Open ‘File manager’ or ‘My files’ app on your phone. Then open the download folder. Click on the PDF file to open it.

How to open a PDF on an iOS device

  • Click on the PDF file that you wish to open.
  • Then click on open PDF to open the menu.
  • Click on the share button or click ‘Open in..’. Take note that if you are viewing the PDF in Safari, you will click on ‘Open in..’ but if you are viewing PDF in your Mail app, you will click on the share button.
  • You can now select the app that you wish to use. The PDF will be opened in the app you selected.
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Using windows

To open the PDF file using windows, all you need to do is:

  • Download the Adobe Reader.
  • When downloading the Adobe Reader, you would see a box asking you to add McAfee to your computer, kindly decline the offer.
  • After the Adobe-Reader must have been installed, double-click on PDF file.
  • Now enter your password if required.