PayPal launches a GoFundMe competitor with limits


PayPal is an American company that is running an international online payments system. That allows for online money transfers and also serves as an electronic substitute to traditional paper methods. Just like money orders and checks.

The company is trusted by millions of people as they feel free to buy, sell, and even transfer money. Without having to distribute their financial information. The PayPal system enables you to pay for items using a safe internet connection.


Simply put PayPal is an electronic commerce company that facilitates payments via online transfers between parties. The platform also enables users to build an account on its platform. Which is linked to the credit card of a user or checking account.

Now, the company has launched a GoFundMe competitor with limits

PayPal launches a GoFundMe competitor with limits

PayPal launches a GoFundMe competitor with limits. The company has revealed a new fundraising service known as “Generosity Network” which seems ready to take over GoFundMe. And which is also part of the ongoing expansion of PayPal into financial services it has been lacking.

The service enables you to start up a page for fundraising.  As well as process donations via the payment platform of PayPal. Transaction fees are being rejected on donations made with credit and debit cards too. However, following what TechCrunch said, PayPal does not plan to finally charge.

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The Generosity Network looks very easy to access as GoFundMe. However, unlike the well-known platform, it reduces the length of campaigns to 30 days. And also limits the total amount of donations you can receive to $20,000.

Individuals can make use of this service, also businesses, as well as organizations, can make use of this service. As far as they obey the rules of PayPal centering on hatred incitement, misleading claims, and other guidelines.

The Money Pools

PayPal had one fundraising feature known as “Money Pools” before the Generosity Network. However, Money Pools was created for family and friends to make use of, while featuring direct requests for contributions.

Generosity Network is public, and it has campaign ads that enable you to go deep concerning the planned use of the funds you receive and supply photos. Just like GoFundMe, the potential wide reach of Generosity Network unblocks the chance for fraudulent campaigns.

PayPal withdraws campaigns that go against its terms. However, it doesn’t table any other judicious ways to stop fraud, depending on the community address anything that seems suspicious.

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The Generosity Network of Paypal

Fundraising platforms just like Generosity Network and GoFundMe have become so popular. As the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many out of work or with unforeseen medical bills. The action of PayPal on the service seems to be okay. The reason is that PayPal is popular already, and people’s payment info might be in the system of the company.

Generosity Network connects with some of the latest PayPal initiatives. Just like touch-free payment features and trading cryptocurrencies for collaborated retailers, which launched over the last year. These latest features have placed the company up to compete so well with Square and now, Google.

The relaunch of Google Pay enlarged the service from digital wallets with person-to-person transactions to a one-stop. And complete financial tool together with Mint-like tracking and finally, banking services.


The Generosity Network of PayPal is now accessible in the United States for fresh campaigns as well as donations