Onedrive Login and Sign up | How to Open a Microsoft Onedrive Account


From the ITU’s list of next-generation of Information technology, Cloud computing has been one of the most prospective. Microsoft Onedrive is a virtual memory space and computing service.

Onedrive Login and Sign up | How to Open a Microsoft Onedrive Account

Microsoft among other companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and other IT powerhouses have cloud service. The Microsoft OneDrive offers similar services as the google drive and dropbox service and offers 5GB space free of charge.

How to create a OneDrive account:

Microsft OneDrive enables users backup and shares files such as photos, documents, videos and more. Below is a guide on how to Sign up for the free Microsoft Onedrive account.

  • First lunch your favorite browser.
  • Go to
  • Then select Sign up for free.
  • Click to Create a Microsoft account.
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter password.

It is important to create a password that includes numbers and words. Users can use mobile authentication for entry. A code will be sent to your phone, Enter the code in the provided field.


How to sign in to Microsoft OneDrive:

Guide to sign in to Microsoft Onedrive is as follows.

  • First Go to
  • Next Click on Sign in at the top of the page.
  • Enter your Microsoft account
  • Click on next to continue.
  • Enter your password
  • Then, Click Sign In.

Microsoft Onedrive Services

Microsoft OneDrive allows Users to chat while working on Office Online. Users can are notified of the last and current editor of a document in real-time.

Attachments can be shared and saved to OneDrive from Microsoft office packages such as powerpoint, excel, word etc.

Like some of Microsoft software, OneDrive is pre-installed on Windows 10, and it functions well on all devices, means files can be accessed and shared on PC, Mac, Android, and Apple products.

Microsoft OneDrive for business:

Microsoft OneDrive for business is a private virtual online storage space. It is a service provided for business to Sync files to local computers from the OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive for Business is purchased as a standalone plan or with Office 365 plans. It allows users to connect with files in Office 365, meaning workers can handle daily task remotely while files are protected on the cloud.

OneDrive for business ensures accurate recording on file alterations, sharing history. It also fair to state that sharing and edit are at real-time and similar to working in the same office space.


Users can create,  edit, view, and share while on the go using the OneDrive mobile app. OneDrive can also scan work receipts and other paper documents for safe keeping.