No Internet Game: Best 5 Android Games you can Play without Internet

Our Today article revolves around No Internet Game, which means Games you can play on your mobile device without the use of Internet Connections. You and I know the majority of the online games require an active Data connection. However, here you will get to know the best No internet games for your Android Devices.

No Internet Game

You really don’t need mobile data on your Mobile Phone to play the games that will be listed in this article.

Because the purpose of this article is to know the top Offline games you can play without the use of the internet on your smartphone device.

However, the premium paid games seem to be good for offline use. Don’t get me wrong there are still nice free offline games. Which we have picked the best of all for our reader.

Below are Android games that can be played without internet or wifi and also can be download via the Google play store. Now let’s get started with the best no internet games for your Android Smartphone. Then you can pick from the Games listed below.

Best 5 No Internet Game for Your Android Device

Below are our top best No internet Games for your Android Device. Which is downloadable via google play store and a brief explanation about the listed Games.

  • Temple Run
  • Subway Surf
  • Once Upon a Tower
  • Fruit Ninja
  • And Lastly Angry Birds Rio
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Brief Explanation

Below is a brief explanation about our selected offline Games for your Android Devices only.

The Temple Run Game is also a No Internet Game, this game is an endless running game, also trying to avoid getting killed by demons and traps, at the running process players also collect coins and other things, which the coin can be used to purchase a variety of things. The app can be download via google play store and App Store and its free.

Subway Surf is a bit similar to the Temple Run Game, it also an Endless Running Game, at the process player collect coins and a whole lot of goodies such as Gifts, Box and much more. The player will be chased by a cop. As a first time player, you will be guided through the Playing process. Subway can be download via Google PlayStore, its free and its a no internet Game.

Once Upon a Tower Game is for female Game Players. It’s about a Beautiful Princess who is waiting to be rescued. But due to impatient, the princess couldn’t wait for her prince charming to turn up. She tries to find her way out. To play through the Games level All you need is to collect coins and power-ups.

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The Game doesn’t cost a dime is free and it a no internet Game which means it can be played offline, it doesn’t require any form of internet connection.

Fruit Ninja: This is also an amazing and offline game. It requires you to slice all the fruits on your screen by using ur finger as far as you can. However, you have to be extremely careful by avoiding the bomb that comes alongside with the fruit.

Angry Birds Rio: This is also one of the best free offline android games. it’s game line is the main Angry Birds has been kidnapped and was taken to a magical city of Rio de Janeiro. Which they were able to escape, now they have to save their two lovely friends which are Blu and Jewel. It can aswell be downloaded via the Google PlayStore.

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