Ninite Download: Install Multiple Application at Once on Windows | Ninite Alternative

Ninite is a simple-to-use internet service that enables users to simultaneously install various software products on a computer.

It accomplishes this by downloading a program and managing the programs from there, rather than doing everything manually. The app installer is a convenient and quick way to reliably and securely download large numbers of programs. Ninite is a Windows-only application.

Why Should You Use Ninite?

The majority of us have various types of software installed on our computers. In general, we install apps one by one, and while the setup for each software is straightforward, it is a lengthy process. That is why we use Ninite. A tool that was purpose-built to install many applications simultaneously.

Applications are downloaded directly from their respective websites, guaranteeing that you always have the most up-to-date official versions. Ninite ignores and blocks any adware that is downloaded optionally, using the opportunity to uncheck the adware or questionable extensions during the installation process. Ninite also automates the process of applying software updates; no more manually upgrading installed apps one at a time. Not all programs are available for installation via Ninite, but it’s worth investigating to see if they match your requirements.

How To Use Ninite

Navigate to Ninite and select the applications you wish to install. The list of apps is divided into sections such as Media, Messaging, and Security. All of your favorites are included, including Chrome, iTunes, VLC, and Steam. You can check as many as you like, and it will install them all at once.


Following your selection of apps, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Get Your Ninite” to download the installer. When you launch it, it will go through and install each program automatically; you do not need to do anything, just let it run. The time required to accomplish the task is dependent on the number and size of the apps you choose.


That is all! All of the programs you’ve chosen will be installed and immediately available for use. Best of all, it installs the most recent version of the programs and removes any unnecessary adware.

The site offers the majority of popular user-requested programs, but if you believe something should be added, you may fill out a suggestion form.

According to the website, Ninite performs the following tasks:

  • Start working as soon as you run it
  • Install applications in their default directory
  • Say no to toolbars and other extraneous software.
  • Install 64-bit applications on 64-bit computers
  • Install applications in the language of your PC or a language of your choice
  • Perform all of its functions in the background
  • Install the most up-to-date stable version of an application
  • Omit up-to-date application
  • Disregard any reboot requests made by installers
  • Utilize your Internet Explorer’s proxy settings
  • Download applications directly from the publisher’s official website.
  • Before running anything, validate the digital signatures or hashes.
  • Perform well if you disable any site filters or firewalls.
  • Saves you a great deal of time

While Ninite is free for home users, there is also a Pro edition aimed at large offices and enterprises. It enables you to deploy software to hundreds of computers simultaneously using your web browser, as well as issue install/uninstall/update commands.

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Ninite Pro – Overview

Ninite Pro is a patch management solution built on the Ninite platform that can be used to patch and secure applications in real-time via a web interface. Businesses can use Ninite Pro to acquire a real-time interactive view of all machines and to execute install/update/uninstall commands for offline/online machines via simple point-and-click administration. NASA, SONY, NIH, Lockheed Martin, and Tupperware, among others, use Ninite Pro to protect software running on any remote workstation.

Ninite Pro organizes each machine and application into a row and a column for straightforward management. Users can update, install, or uninstall a program on a system by selecting a single cell or many cells. Ninite Pro’s policy automation capabilities include the ability to configure auto-update policies that automatically deploy updates to any computer at any time of day. Ninite will automatically assign tags to devices based on their online/offline status. Ninite Pro’s Overview Tab provides an overview of all patched machines and patch updates.

IT administrators can use Ninite Pro Classic’s command line to integrate other tools or scripts for advanced setup. Ninite Pro is a subscription-based service with costs determined by the number of machines.

Alternatives to Ninite

  1. Chocolatey – Free version; Pro version available for $96/year.

ninite chocvolatey

On visiting the Chocolatey official website, we discovered a vast array of apps and utilities that could be downloaded and installed on Windows machines. we had to use PowerShell to add the installation commands, which was a bit tricky at first.

Things improved significantly after we downloaded the GUI from here. we needed to install.NET 4.5.2 first, and then we had a visual interface for tracking what was and wasn’t installed. If you use Chocolatey, you can install your favorite applications and leave them unattended while you go do something useful.

Solely used the open-source version of Chocolatey and we discovered that it fulfilled all of our requirements. There is a Pro version, but it is intended for corporations with a large number of Windows computers. Some individuals have complained that Chocolatey does not install certain applications properly, but we have not had that experience.

  1. Just Install – Free

Just Install is another excellent tool for installing software on Windows systems that deserves to be included in our list of Ninite alternatives. It functions similarly to Chocolatey. To install any of the popular applications, you must utilize the command-line interface.

Just Install will correctly install all of the software and you will be able to view them through the Control Panel. This means that you can remove them normally. All Just Install software is downloaded directly from their original sources; no repackaging occurs. It will install only the applications you specify and will bypass all dialog boxes and questions.

We discovered that it was rather simple to develop a customized.exe installer that would download and install all of the software we required in one pass, rather than utilizing multiple command-line strings. We’d say that it takes some time to get the hang of utilizing Just Install, but we were able to pick it up rather quickly and it came in handy during those laborious installs.

  1. Silent Install Helper – Free

Silent Install Helper is another free Ninite alternatives. What struck me about this fantastic free tool is that you are not restricted to installing only certain applications, as you are with other Ninite alternatives (and indeed Ninite itself). With Silent Install Helper, you can install any application you want.

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However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Before I could produce my first batch of installs, I needed to download all of the necessary program installers to the application. Silent Install Helper will notify you if it detects an attempt by a program installer to install something undesirable, such as adware.

It took some time to configure Silent Install Helper with the software installers I desired, but once that was done, everything was a joy. It was wonderful not to be constrained to a list of apps and to be able to install whatever I pleased.

Windows Remix – Free

Windows Remix impressed me with its simplicity and functionality, and it earns a place on my list of Ninite alternatives. After installing Windows, you may relax and let Windows Remix install a few of your favorite applications. Windows Remix has a sizable collection of applications.

Scoop – Free

Scoop is my most recent addition to the Ninite alternative list. Scoop is another command line installer similar to Chocolatey, but with one notable difference: it will install all apps in a Scoop folder separate from your user folder. In this manner, administrator permissions are not required.

Installing programs from the Scoop repository was rather simple for me. You do not need to bother about tracking dependencies; simply type a specified command via PowerShell to initiate the installation procedure.

Keeping your applications current is simple using Scoop. To update Scoop, simply execute another Powershell command and another to update all of the applications you’ve installed. You can even upgrade a single application if that is your preference.


If an installed application requires maintenance, Ninite enables reinstallation via the retry/reinstall link. A live online interface allows you to manage your software applications. Apps can be updated, installed, or uninstalled individually or in bulk. The web interface can be used to send instructions to offline machines, which will be executed whenever the machine reconnects. However, Ninite is unable to update running applications. Apps that require updating must be manually closed before the update can be activated.