Netflix to try out a feature that allows you switch off its annoying ‘still watching?’ pop-up


Netflix is trying out a new feature known as a “sick day function”. This new feature by Netflix is an option to put off that disturbing pop-up that comes up after you watch three episodes in a row of something to confirm if you are still watching the movies.

This latest feature seems like it has been tried out for sometimes now in some regions. Besides, a spokesperson of Netflix mentioned to The Verge that the new feature is still being tested. However, in recent weeks, there has been so much excitement on this new feature on Twitter and TikTok.


It is really exciting! A box comes up asking you if you are still watching or if you still want to “play without asking again”. Supposedly, if you are actually in the middle of watching “Supernatural” again and you really do not want Netflix to cut in every three episodes.

Click on “play without asking again” to enable you to binge to your heart’s content.

Netflix “still watching?” feature

See, the truth is that the new feature “still watching?” is really great. People tend to sleep while on Netflix, and this is not good for everybody. Including the area, our minds, our bills, possibly if Netflix is operating every night. Even at that, the “still watching?” question is somewhat so annoying and even increases my anger anytime I come across it.


The Netflix feature is just so disdainful, just the same way when I misspell a word in Google. I really do not have to see a sentence in every italic at the top of the page asking, “Did you mean?” If I actually want to or choose to remain on my couch for 12 hours streaming a movie with no interruption, it is left to me, Netflix.

The “sick day function”.

I have my reason for dubbing this “sick day function”. Look into this: you have a very bad head cold or even flu. The Apple TV remote is nowhere to be found because the Apple TV remote is always nowhere to be found. Or probably maybe you are making use of a PlayStation or Xbox controller.

However, it is charging, and it is too far to reach out for. Then, the annoying “still watching?” feature comes up on your screen, and in your sick state, with the fever and everything, you wouldn’t hesitate to just shout “Yes, I am still watching! nonsense! ”

This is also great for when the next season of Stranger Things will be out. We are as well rushing to round it up in a night so that Twitter won’t ruin it all for us”.


There are some updates on the product that allows me to say “thank you”. However, this is no doubt one of them. I just hope Netflix releases it very soon to all of us, ahead of the flu and cold season. Just when we are about to watch the New Girl over and over while sitting on the couch with a runny nose and with a lot of tissue beside us.