Netflix Alternatives with Free Trials

Netflix is not the only reliable online movie channel. There are Netflix alternatives also offers free trial offer just like Netflix. on this post, we will be revealing top Netflix alternatives.



Top Netflix Alternatives

Here are some of Netflix alternatives with free trials.

  • Hulu

Hulu is a Netflix alternative with a slight difference. Although it is inferior to Netflix in terms of volume and collection of movies, it gives access to recently aired network TV shows.

Hulu’s basic package.

Hulu gives a 7-day free trial period. when 7 days are expired,  the service cost $6 a month for the first year.

The basic membership ($6 a month), still have ads. While the $12 a month is ads-free.

Visit Hulu for a Free Trial.

  • Amazon Video

Amazon is a company that has shaped our shopping experience. As a company that strives for more their impact on online TV shows and movies.

Amazon’s Amazon video is a worthy Netflix alternative. The major difference includes access to a variety of movies, documentaries, TV shows,  and original content.

Amazon Video gifts a 30-day free trial.

  • HBO Now

With HBO now, you can access your favorite HBO shows (Game of Thrones, anyone?), or choose from their collection of movies and shows. While the plan costs $15 a month, you can get your first 30-days for free.

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HBO Now is a good Netflix alternative if you’re a fan of HBO shows and are blocked from accessing them because you don’t have satellite or cable. The streaming service gives you total access.


DIRECTV NOW comes with a 7-day free trial, sometimes offering 30-day free trial promotions.

With DIRECTV NOW, you can choose from a set of channel packages. There are also tons of options for bundling with Apple TV or Fire TV, each of which come with special promotions. The one-week trial could be enough time for you to decide whether the subscription is right for you.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV gives you the feel of cable with the flexibility of a streaming service. The platform gives you access to a bundle of channels and allows you to add on others specific to your interests. Some plans run as low as $20.

Sling TV differs from cable in that you can watch your shows whenever and wherever you please. Sling TV has a 7-day free trial period.

  • Philo

Offering 40 channels at rock-bottom pricing, Philo is a great Netflix alternative to cable if your focus is on educational, reality, and documentary TV channels. After the 7-day free trial is over you will pay $16 a month for 40 channels with the option to add 9 more channels at $4 each.

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Also included with Philo is a 30-day DVR function so you can watch your favorite shows as much as you wish!

To get started, just sign up with your mobile number for the free trial. You’ll need an internet connection, a laptop or you can watch through the app on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.


Conclusion On Netflix Alternative

Streaming saves money and gives you unmatched access to TV shows and movies from the past and present.

If you’re still on the fence about looking into a plan, take advantage of free trial periods. With our free Netflix trial, you can give the platform a try and save money doing it.