Mx player – Download mx player App for PC, Android and Apple

Mx player is one of the best media player in the universe. The app has become popular due to the straightforward UI and the unique features of the app. The amazing part of this app is that you won’t be charged any fee before you will be able to install the app on your device.

MX Player The Best Way To Enjoy Your Movies

Also, note that to download this app is free of charge so there is no need to bother about any fee. All you have to do is to search for your preferred music, then click on download now to start enjoying the advantages of the Mx player.

On this article, you will get every vital information about this amazing app. Presently, Mx player is the best video player and it can be download on different devices such as smartphones, Android or iOS. You can also download Mx player PC from their official site too.

The user-friendly UI, easy-to-use feature and the ability to run videos of all type and media formats. All these make it the best of all the media players which are available for free download on the web. Do you have a video file that doesn’t play on your Android phone or another device, Just give MX Player a try and you will enjoy it. This awesome media player supports every major video format and it even plays audio.

Features of Mx player

  • One of the features of this unique app is that it plays all types of media files. The app found it compatible with all sort of video formats e.g  FLV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, and lots more.
  • Another advantage is that it has the ability to support super HD video playing so no need to bother about that. This app can play a High Definition video of 1080p resolution easily. And this will play effectively and efficiently.
  • The app has advanced features, With this advance benefit it supports pinch gestures and this can be easily accessed even on a running video. Meaning you can easily zoom in and zoom out while watching movies.
  • The application is good looking and super clean, It has a very easy way to access and it also has a friendly interface.
  • It has a subtitle support which means it supports subtitles that have a font which is editable. You can use this app to quickly download the English subtitle of any movie you download on the web. You can easily use the subtitle support when you don’t understand the language of the movie.
  • The app supports multi-core decoding in essence SW, HW, and HW+ So that you will be able to play longer duration fill HD video on your device like phones, laptop, tablet etc.
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How to Download Mx player for Andriod, PC and Apple

Although  Mx player can’t be download directly from an open source, you can simply download from a different site. Also, you can download using a web browser or directly from your google play store. There is also a link above which you can use to download Mx player just click on the link and follow the guide. But in case you are downloading an app from google play store do the below process.

  • Firstly, Launch your browser and visit Google playstore or click here, then search for Mx player. When you get the app click on it so that it will be easier to download.
  • After clicking on it select the device you wish to download on. Immediately after downloading the app on your device the next step is the installation.
  • Simply install the app on your device to enjoy the benefit of the app.

For Apple Device, Click HERE. Download for PC, Click HERE. You can download the apk old version from HERE.

Note: To download this app for Mac, Windows or any other device just go through the same process. The only difference is to select the device you want to download. Enjoy!!! Their official website is