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Are you a music Lover? Are looking for a better way, to find a music and download without knowing the title? Are looking for an app that can show you lyrics of any song in the world? Are you looking for a sing along app (karaoke)? Are you looking for easy way to stream music straight to your mobile? Wow are you…. đŸ™‚ if yes then you got your self landed on the right website. Now There is an all in one app called Musixmatch music and lyrics. With musixmatch music and lyrics you have all the above functions in a single app.

Musixmatch is the most popular Lyrics destination, on mobile and connected devices, such as Android and IOS(Apple) with more than 40 million people using it WORLDWIDE to discover lyrics and Music.

Features of Musixmatch Music & Lyrics / How to use Musixmatch

MusixMatch categorize songs based on genre (punk, rock, indie rock, melody and so on) and other categories which are commonly seen in any music player.


  • A major plus is that it supplies lyrics in real-time. MusixMatch appropriately highlights the appropriate portion of the lyrics as you listen the song as well.
  • Discography section. Next to the pause/play button there’s another disc shaped icon (perhaps a disc in a bag) which displays the artist’s albums, with all the tracks. Tap, and you can listen to a preview of the song with the lyrics in the background.
  • links that connect you to Spotify (not available some country), and the official video of the song.
  • Musixmatch helps fans discover more music from their favorite artists along with their lyrics which are saved to your mobile device.
  • MusixMatch lets you sign in with your Google or Facebook account and syncs your favorite artists as well.
  • Another good thing about Musixmatch Music & lyrics is that you can still discover lyrics of any song on your mobile phone even when you are not using the Musixmatch music & Lyrics app.
  • With Musixmatch you can discover the lyrics of a music playing in your environment (eg, party and other events) (There are functions that can help you achieve that)

Musixmatch Music & Lyrics_mobile-devices


MusixMatch may not get all lyrics right, but it integrates so well into the Android interface and is so easy to use that it stands out from the horde of lyrics apps available on Google Play. Additional features like MusicID, FLAC support, and the equalizer make it hard to resist. If you listen to music on your mobile device, you may fall in love with this app.

Download Links:

Android: Click HERE to download Musixmatch

IOS: Click HERE to download Musixmatch

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