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Minecraft.net is a platform where you can get different sandbox construction video games.  The creativity and building aspect of the game enables the user of the game to construct buildings from the surface that is not smooth in a 3D world.

Minecraft games downloads and login settings server

The Minecraft game has the features of allowing it user to invite third-party while playing the game, Play the game with your friends for more fun.  Multi gameplay modes are also available in the game, which includes survival mode in this mode the players must acquire some resource to build the world and maintenance of health but in the creative mode, the player of the game will have many resources to build the world and maintain health.

The player of the creative mode also has the ability of flying. Another mode in the game is the adventure mode, In this mode, the player can play custom maps created by other users of the game and in the spectator mode, the players will move freely in the world because the player will not be affected of gravity.

How to login to your Minecraft account

To login in on the platform, you must have a Mojang account if you already have a Mojang account follow the process below.

Launch your browser and log in to the platform at www.minecraft.net

Locate the login button on the webpage of the site.

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Click on the login button and key in your email and password i.e The information used for Mojang account.

After that click on the login button and you will be redirected to your account.

And successfully you have login your account. but in case you don’t have a Mojang account sign up for Mojang account to login. Follow the steps below To register for a Mojang account

Step 1. Login to the platform at minecraft.com and locate the login button.

Step 2. click on the login button stroll down and locate the ”Register one here” button

Step 3. After clicking on the register here button provides the information needed in the form field then click on create an account.

Step 4. Accept the terms and condition of the game by clicking on the accept terms and condition button.

With ease, you have successfully created a Mojang account feel free to log in to the platform to enjoy more of their service.

How to download games on minecraft.net

To download the game on the platform follow the steps below to enjoy more of it services provided for users of the game.

  • Launch your browser make sure it has internet connection and enough storage space
  • Visit the game website at minecraft.net or click HERE and locate the ”menu” button.
  • Click on the menu button and you will be directed to another webpage
  • When you are on another webpage locate the download button and click on it.
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Note: Make you have already login to the site with you Mojang account or else you won’t be able to download games on the platform

But if you have already had an account with Mojang management enjoy the game and explore different dimension in the game world.

How to download Minecraft Skins

To download a new skin for your Minecraft games the steps are as follows:

i) Launch your browser and visit the website at Minecraft skin.net

ii) Select the skin you would like to use for your game character and click on it.

iii)  Click on the download button after that click on profile button and select your skin file.

iv) Click on upload, the skin character will change instantly.

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