Microsoft to remove Skype for Business Online Users


Microsoft to remove Skype for Business. Microsoft has just informed Skype for Business Online users that it gives them till the 31st of July, 2021 to round up their migration to Teams if they want to be on a safer side.

Though, Skype for Business Online users has for so long wanted to make this move since Microsoft has warned them initially on the 30th of July, 2019. But it is so obvious that organizations are just taking the notice for granted.


So, Micro soft has now given them a six-month notice to remove Skype for Business Online Users.

Skype for Business Online users who work with Teams already has begun the process of migration to the latest Teams calling system.

These organizations can make use of these months given to cross-check all that is ready before Microsoft shuts down Skype.

Microsoft to remove Skype for Business: The Pressure to Upgrade

ZDNet states that some companies or organizations may find it very hard to get whatsoever they want to get ready before the six months for Skype for Business Online.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has not assisted in migration, especially affecting the accessibility of IT services personnel in companies.

The company mentioned something in a Microsoft Teams blog post. Here is what the company said:

“Some organizations may not be very advanced in the planning process to upgrade from Skype to Teams.”.

The company added:

“This is understandable, as the events of the past year have affected the strategies, priorities, and resources of many organizations. Don’t worry, there is still time.”

Following what those in Redmond said, there are so many examples of organizations that have made the upgrade in a very limited period of time.

Microsoft says:

“With six months until retirement from Skype for Business, we encourage you to start planning today to accommodate users, process, and technical scenarios that may be uniques to your organization.

But rest assured that there are resources that will guide you step by step through the immigration.”

Still in the post, the company also gave out the direction for these resources. Not excluding Teams upgrade planning workshops, Microsoft Teams Administration documentation, as well Microsoft Chalk Talks workshop.

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Following what Microsoft said, some Skype for Business Online customers also has the option to upgrade to Microsoft Teams automatically.