Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web


Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web. Microsoft is trying out a “direct browser-based solution” in order to bring xCloud to iOS early 2021, which is next year. Sources that are familiar with the plans the company made mentioned to The Verge that the company has sure been creating a web version of xCloud.

To operate on iOS and also on iPadOS devices. Together with finishing its work on an app that it believes will soon operate on the platform of Apple.


Phil Spencer, the gaming chief of Microsoft, disclosed the browser-based xCloud of the company in a current internal all-hands meeting. Here is what Phil Spencer said in a meeting pointing also that he “feels good” about the iOS progress of Microsoft. Phil Spencer said:

Microsoft gaming chief’s comment

“We absolutely will end up on iOS”. He further mentioned: “We”ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass”. This news of the web version for iOS by Microsoft was initially reported by Business Insider.


Apple has been preventing some services from operating on iOS devices through its App Store. It has been preventing Services like Stadia and xCloud. And it gave out an olive branch to these services alongside some huge restrictions.

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Apple wants developers to personally submit their games as individual apps by making use of their streaming tech. However, Microsoft alongside Google is free to develop a “catalog”-style app that gathers and links out all of those single apps.

The software giant wasn’t impressed with Apple’s decision

Microsoft was not so happy with what Apple did, and the potential launch of xCloud on iPhones as well as iPads has as a result been left in limbo.

We quite understand that the company is reaching out for an early 2021 launch for a web-based version of xCloud for all Apple devices. This browser version would for sure bypass the Apple App Store. Just the same way Amazon is doing with its latest Luna game streaming service.

In the same all-hands call at Microsoft, Spencer also mentioned the plans of the company for xCloud on PC. He explained PC as a “great opportunity” for both game streaming and Game Pass. Microsoft is now looking forward to introducing xCloud to Windows 10 PCs in the year 2021, which is next year.


The software giant has been trying out a preview version with employees for months now. And it will surely be launched sometime next year.

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