Microsoft had a secret Windows XP theme that made it look like a Mac


Microsoft had a secret Windows XP theme which looked like a Mac. Microsoft developed a secret Windows XP theme which made the operating system look like a Mac. A current leak of Windows XP source code has unveiled the early work on the operating system.

As well as some themes that the company created in its early XP development far back in 2000. However, the themes are not released yet.


One is tagged “Candy” and comprises a design that somehow looks like the Aqua interface of Apple which was initially introduced in the year 2000 at the Macworld Conference & Expo. However the theme is not complete, the Windows XP Start button and so many other buttons, as well as the UI elements, are no doubt themed to suit Apple’s Aqua.

Microsoft never unveiled its Aqua theme for Windows XP

Microsoft has never unveiled for Windows XP its Aqua theme, and we quite acknowledge the fact that it was used in early source code for the OS. Windows developers seem to have made use of the theme as a placeholder to develop the theme engine for Windows XP.


The theme is explained as a “Whistler skin with eye candy”. and also marked as “for internal use only”. The codename for Windows XP was Whistler.

Microsoft perfectly went to a blue and green Luna theme for the end version of XP. Which people labeled Fisher-Price-esque when the OS was formally unveiled in the year 2001. The theme engine in Windows XP was a primary update to the OS. Thereby enabling third-party themes and so many customizability too.

The company building Windows XP

Microsoft was building Windows XP in time of the era. When there was a brutal conflict with Apple concerning the operating systems of the desktop. Well in the ’00s, Apple made fun of Microsoft with posters at its annual developers’ conference asserting “Redmond, start your photocopiers”.

In the ’90s and ’00s, Windows was totally influenced by the standard Mac OS. And what eventually became the OS X. Apple has as well lent some of the features of Windows. Mainly around control panels, windowing, browsing files, and folders, as well as navigation.


This leak is an unlikely perception of the fast development of operating systems being used by millions of people. We have gotten in touch with Microsoft to comment on the yet to be released Windows XP theme. And will give you updates soon.