Messenger for Facebook Download

Messenger for Facebook Download – How to Download FB Messenger


Messenger for Facebook Download. Do you know or have you heard of the messenger Facebook app? If not, then you are just on the right platform. Facebook Messenger is not a new thing as many of us know about it.

Simply put the Facebook messenger is an app, a free mobile messaging app to be precise that is used for instant messaging. The app allows for the sharing of videos, photos, audio recordings, and also for group chats.

Messenger for Facebook Download

One thing about this app is that it is free to download as it does not require much only your mobile connection. The app also enables you to communicate with family and friends and it’s a great app for everyone as it makes communication very easy and fast.

Messenger for Facebook Download

Facebook messenger is one of the best apps to download when it comes to sending free messages to your family, friends, and loved ones through the internet.

One thing i love about the messenger app is that it does virtually everything facebook and some messaging app does for free. It just requires a mobile connection and you are good to go. Amazing right?

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Can I make use of Facebook Messenger without installing it?

The answer is yes! Just like other social media messaging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you can also make use of the Facebook Messenger app without having to download it.

All you need to do is to go to any web browser and type in “” into the search bar and search. Log in and you are good to go. Though, you will be needing a Facebook account for this.


How to download the App on your Android Device

To download the Facebook messenger app on your android device, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • In the search bar, type in messenger and search.
  • Click on the first result there.
  • Now click on install to download and install the app on your device.

How to download the App on your iOS

Here is how to download the Facebook Messenger App on your iOS device:

  • Open the Apple App Store
  • Then click on the search button and type in Messenger and search.
  • You will see a lot of messenger apps there.
  • Kindly look for the one that has “Facebook Inc” and click on the “get button”.
  • Now click on “install” to start downloading the app.
  • As soon as it is downloaded, you should see an “Open” button to click in the App Store to begin Facebook messenger. Or you can decide to go straight to your apps to find the messenger icon and open it.
  • Now that you have downloaded the app, you can now login using your Facebook account.
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Messenger for Facebook Download Free


The messenger app is totally free like I said earlier. It only requires a mobile connection. The messenger app is very popular with over 1 billion downloads. And also it can be found on the Google Play Store for androids and the Apple app store for iOS users.